Podcasting is the buzz word just now, so here is a list of Podcasts produced by blind people, plus a few suggested by listeners. If you know of any Podcasts which would fit this catagory, please send them to me.
First of all, you will need a program to listen to these podcasts, so i've added links to 2 of the most accessible ones.

Accessible Podcatcher.

Juice Receiver.

4 Yo Information podcast, produced by Robert, Jenny, Lenny and June.
4 Yo Information Podcast.

Blind Access Journal, produced by Darrell Shandrow..
Blind Access Journal Podcast.

Blind Adults, produced by Doug Oliver.
Blind Adults Podcast.

Blind Bargains, produced by the Blind Bargains Team.
Blind Bargains Qast.

Blind Geek Zone Podcast, produced by Rick Harmon.
Blind Geek Zone Podcast.

Blind Hour Podcast, produced by Max and John.
Blind Hour Podcast.

Brunch With The Brits Podcast, produced by Matt Cox.
Brunch With The Brits Podcast.

Byron's Journal, produced by Byron Lee.
Byron's Journal Podcast.

Byte Into It Radio Show, produced by Phil Wales.
Byte Into It Radio Show Podcast.

Cameron Strifes Podcast, produced by Cameron Strife.
Cameron Strifes Podcast.

Dot To Dot, produced by Robin Christopherson.
Dot To Dot Podcast.

Eyes On Success, produced by Pete and Nancy Torpey.
Eyes On Success Podcast.

Freedom Scientific Podcast, produced by the Freedom Scientific Blog Team.
FSCast Podcast.

FrequencyCast Podcast, produced by the FrequencyCast Team.
FrequencyCast Podcast.

Kelly Sapergia's Podcast, produced by Kelly Sapergia.
Kelly Sapergia's Podcast.

Kevin's Consulting Live Podcast, produced by Kevin Sisco.
Kevin's Consulting Live Podcast.

Mark Taylor's Candleshore Podcast, produced by Mark Taylor.
Mark Taylor's Podcast.

Marlaina By Ear, produced by Marlaina Lieberg.
Marlaina By Ear Podcast.

Mike Tech Show, produced by Mike Smith.
Mike Smith's Podcast.

Nickies Nook, produced by Nickie.
Nickie's Nook Podcast.

Schlock or Not Podcast, produced by Doc and Steve.
Schlock or Not Podcast.

Scott's Podcast, produced by Scott Spaulding.
Scott's Podcast.

The Blind Sport Podcast, produced by Mike Lloyd.
The Blind Sport Podcast.

The Randomage Podcast, produced by Adriano4530 and Valiant8086.
The Randomage Podcast.

The following Podcast isn't related to blindness, but as it hosts hundreds of old time radio shows, I think it will be of interest to many people.
Botar Old Time Radio Podcast.

If you're looking for someplace to host your own Podcasts then try:
Buzzsprout, Easy Podcast Hosting.

HDP Podcast Network.

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