Here's your chance to put right all the wrongs in the world. Well maybe not, but at least you can show your disapproval by signing an Ipetition. If the British Prime Minister was forced to respond to an online petition, then they must be effective, so get out your virtual pen and start signing.

If you decide to start your own Ipetition, don't forget to let me know so that I can add it to the list.

Accessible Android Accountability.

Assistive Technology, more and more talking gadgets are disappearing off the market, please sign this Petition to put an end to it.

Can't sign up with Yahoo because of the visual verification screen.

Closure of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind Store.

It's Time To Finally Kill CAPTCHA.

Jaws Bugfix.

Penalised when buying Jaws second hand.

Petitioning Samsung Trying To Block The Blind Access To Apple Products!

Tougher European Legislation on Disability Rights.

Start your own Ipetition.

A new website that lets you petition the UK Government online has gone live. Any petition that gets more than 100,000 signatures will be eligible for debate in Parliament. UK Public Petitions Website.

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This page was last updated on October 16 2015.