Below is a selection of games which can only be played online.
Some are easy some are quite difficult, but they are all screen reader friendly.

6 Dragons, a text adventure game which is blind friendly.

20 Q: Play the 20 questions game.

Aardwolf: An unique and free text based role playing game.

Achaea: Dreams of Divine Lands.

Aetolia: The Midnight Age.

Age of Fable's Westward.

Alien Adoption Agency.

Alter Aeon: Great MUD with special log in for blind users.

Ashes Of Angels.

Astro Galaxy.

Atorian Space Strategy Game.

Avalon, The Legend Lives.

Avatar Mud.

Battrick, Cricket Management Game.

Blind Adrenaline Simulations: Play Hearts and Holdem online with your friends.

Blood Wars.

Core Exiles: Space Adventure Game.

Desert Operations.

Dragons Of Myth.
If you join via this link, contact "RaynDarren" for some gold and gems to get you started.


Empire Mud: Build your own Empire.

Federation 2: Space Trading Game.

Football Manager Game.

Forum Warz.

Frandum: Lots of puzzles in this online Mud.

From The Pavilion: A cricket game.

Furry Paws: A virtual dog training game.


Geosense: An online geography game.


Hogwarts Live: A Harry Potter Online Game.

Imperian: The reality you've been searching for.

Improbable Island.

Kapi Regnum.

Kingdom Of Loathing, a comical online RPG game.

Lament: The Age Of Wind And Wolves.

Legend of the Green Dragon.

Legends of the Jedi - A Star Wars Universe role playing game.

Luminari: A Dungeons and Dragons style Mud.

Lusternia: Age of Ascension.

Materia Magica: A Huge Online Mud.

Mech Crusaders.

Metroplexity: An online cyberpunk style RPG.

Miriani, an online Space Mud.

Monster Breeder.

Nation States: Build your own nation.

New 1000 A.D.

Nick's Mathematical Miscellany.

QuentinC's Playroom, 29 Accessible Card Games to play with friends around the world.

Path to Pelantas: Medieval Fantasy World.

Perfect Competition: A business type game.


Power Play Manager: Play hockey and soccer.


PsyPets: Take control of your own pet creature.

Puppet Nightmares.

Realm Of Magic: Online Mud with special log in for blind players.

Roboid Incorporated, Buy a Combat Robot then train it to fight other Bots.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Game.

Rugby Mania: Manage your own virtual rugby team.

Shadows Of Isildur.

Show Dog: Virtual Dog Show Game.

Show Horse: Virtual Horse Show Game.

Sonokids: Online games and chat for kids.

Space Odyssey.

Sryth: The age of Igtheon.

Star Conquest: Futuristic Space Mud Game.

Starship Traders, The Last Resort.

The Avengers.

The Dark Grimoire.

Titan's War.

Torn City: You'll have to be tough and ruthless to survive in Torn City.

Trukz: Try your hand at being a truck driver.

Twilight Heroes.

Unification Wars.

Urban Dead - the dead rise up to reclaim their city.

Vandetta Crime, an online Mafia game.
If you have problems with the Captcha, send an email to: stating that you are visually impaired and can't register.

Warring Factions.

Warriors 2.

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