If you're having problems with a piece of hardware, software or other products or aids aimed at the visually impaired then you might find a mailing list below which you can join to get help.
To join any of them, just press Enter on the link of your choice and send them a blank E-Mail, or cut and paste the email address into your email program.
If you find any lists which are no longer active, please let me know so that I can remove them.
If you would like to set up your own Mailing List, here's a new accessible group email service.

Accessible Book Community List.
Topic: To provide all sorts of required reading material to our members in any available accessible format.

Access UK List.
Topic: Accessible Technology.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

Amazon Echo Devices for the Blind List.
Topic: Find out all about the various Amazon Echo Devices.

Apple Support VI List.
Topic: Apple support for the visually impaired.

Audio Recorders List.
Topic: Accessible Audio Recorders.

Blind Gadgets List.
Topic: Talking gadgets.

Blind Webbers List.
Topic: The Internet.

BrailleNote List.
Topic: Forum for users of the BrailleNote.

Dolphin Users List.
Topic: Dolphin screen reader products.

Eyes Free Android List.
Topic: Accessibility of the Android smart phone.

Free Enterprise List.
Topic: Buy, Sell, Trade, Swap.

Gold Wave List.
Topic: Gold Wave audio editing program.

iPhone VIP List.
Topic: iPhone accessibility, Apps and other stuff.

JawsLite List.
Topic: Help and information for Jaws users.

Jaws Scripts List.
Topic: Jaws scripts.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

Jaws UK List.
Topic: Jaws Forum for people in the UK.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

Kapten Plus GPS System List.
Topic: Discussion of the Kapten Plus GPS System.

MacVisionaries List.
Topic: Apple products.

Mac VoiceOver List.
Topic: Using VoiceOver with Apple products.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

Milestone Discussion List.
Topic: Milestone products.

Plextalk Users List.
Topic: Discussion list for the Plextalk talking book players.

Raspberry PI VI List.
Topic: Share your thoughts with others about the new credit size computer.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject field.

Recycle I T List.
Topic: Buy and sell list.

Recycle VI I T List.
Topic: Buy and sell I T related equipment only.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

Royal National College For The Blind List.
Topic: This group is for former RNC Students to share information and memories.

Screen Magnifiers List.
Topic: Screen magnifiers.

Skype English List.
Topic: Getting the best out of Skype.

Sound Forge List.
Topic: Sound Forge sound editing program.

Sonata Radio List.
Topic: Sonata Radio.

Speakon List.
Topic: Speakon self-voicing accessible multimedia program.

Talks UK List.
Topic: Talks speech software for mobile phones.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

Trekker List.
Topic: The Trekker GPS unit.

UK iDevices List.
Topic: iPod, iPad, iPhone etcetra.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

UltraCane Discussion List.
Topic: UltraCane.

Victor Reader Stream UK List.
Topic: UK forum for all the Victor Reader Stream products.

Victor Reader Stream USA List.
Topic: US list for the Victor Reader Stream MP3 and Daisy player.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

ViPhone List.
Topic: iPhone discussions for blind and partially sighted people.

Winamp for the blind List.
Topic: Winamp audio player.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

Win10 List.
Topic: Discuss windows 10, its features, and how it works with screen readers.

Sports Hobbies and Pastimes.

Here is a selection of mailing lists relating to sports, hobbies and pastimes.

All Audio List.
Topic: Anything related to audio and computers.

Audio Buffs List.
Topic: Audio production discussion list for beginners and semi-professionals.

Blind Bloggers List.
Topic: Forum for people running a Blog.

Blindcast List.
Topic: Blind Podcasting.

Blind Football UK List.
Topic: Welcome to the home of blind football in the UK. The game is played by teams comprised of one sighted goalkeeper and four totally blind outfielders. If you want to learn more why not come and join us.

Blind Gardeners List.
Topic: Blind gardening.

Blind Mums Connect List.
Topic: Supporting visually impaired mums across the UK.

Blind Penpals List.
Topic: Get to know new friends from around the world.

Blind Singles List.
Topic: Looking to start up a new friendship with someone who is single, then this is a good place to begin.

Blind Target Shooting UK List.
Topic: The title says it all.

Calibre Book Library Mailing List.
Topic: Forum for members of the Calibre Book Library.

Cricket Chat List.
Topic: This is a group for those people who love cricket, whether it be at club, county or international level.

Deaf Blind Friends Communication List.
Topic: On this group you must be prepared to use your computer, telephone, DBC or other equipment and access TTY services in order to communicate with friends.

Disabled Holidays And Travel List.
Topic: Discuss all aspects relating to disabled people going on holiday.

Guide Dog e-chat List.
Topic: Forum for guide dog owners.

Guide Dog Owners List.
Topic: Online support group for UK guide dog owners.

My Daily Living List.
Topic: Share your daily tasks and how to be independent in your own home.

Piano Teachers Support List.
Topic: Support group for blind piano teachers.

RNIB Talking Books List.
Topic: A forum for members of the RNIB's Talking Book Service.

sailing club for visually impaired sailing enthusiasts.
Topic: Ask questions, canvass opinion, seek advice or post forth coming events and sailing opportunities and lots more.

Sal's Younique Product Information List.
Topic: Keep informed about Sal's Younique Cosmetics.

Scottish Blind Golf List.
Topic: A forum for blind golfers.

Shop Screen Reader Problems List.
Topic: Forum relating to accessibility of online shops.

Tek Time List.
Topic: This is the place to get your audio related questions answered.

UK Guide Dogs List.
Topic: UK guide dog owners forum.

UK Radio listeners List.
Topic: UK radio.

UK VI Cooks List.
Topic: Forum for blind cooks.

VI Exercise List.
Topic: How to keep fit when you're blind.

VI Households Mailing List.
Topic: Discuss all aspects of running your home as a visually impaired person.
Please put the word Subscribe in the Subject line.

VI UK Shopping List.
Topic: Help make shopping easier when you're blind.

Visually Impaired Music Therapy Practitioners List.
Topic: This is a forum for visually impaired music therapy practitioners, teachers and students, as well as for those expressing an interest in their work.

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