Below is a list of Websites which may be of interest to people who use Apple products.
I have no experience of Mac computers or other Apple products so if you know of any websites which might be of interest, then please let me know via the Contact link on my home page.

Apple Recycling Program.

Apple's UK Store.

Apple's UK App Store.

Apple's US Store.

AppleVis, Seek and share information on the accessibility of apps developed for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

ATMac, Assistive technology forApple users.

Blind Tunes, offers Jaws scripts for iTunes.

Cecimac, Mac website run by Anne Robertson.

I can work this thing, Contains guides and manuals for some Apple products.

Inclusive Android, Android and App Game Directory.

Mac for the Blind.

Mac Visionaries Forum.

Mac World.

Mac World Hints.

The Mac-cessibility Network.

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