Here are a few websites which produce games that are accessible to the visually impaired.

64 OZ. Games Store.

7-128 Software.

Aprone's Accessible Games, includes the Castaways Strategy Game.

Ark Angles Software - Chess Elite.

Audio Games, the best accessible games review website around.

Azabat Software, self voicing games.

Blind Adrenaline Simulations - Rail Racer.

Descent Into Madness. A sound based adventure game.

Draconis Entertainment.

Dragon Games, Talking Darts Machine.

Driftwood Audio Entertainment - Entombed dungeon game.

GMA Games.

Lighttech Interactive.

L Works.

Marty's Blindfold Games.

PCS Games.

QuentinC's Playroom, 29 Accessible Card Games to play with friends around the world.
Download the Quentinc Gameroom Client here to play from the Desktop.

Rocky Waters' Accessible Games and Utilities.

RS Games.

Scottie's Text Adventure Game Page.

Sound RTS - Realtime Strategy Audio Game.

Spoonbill Software. Free Self Voicing Games.

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