The following programs are available for downloading, they support all versions of Windows unless otherwise stated.
They are all free, with some having the option to upgrade to a paid version.

If you're looking for an old version of a program, you may find it at:

The following website will allow you to download and install many programs automatically without unwanted toolbars and other junk. Ninite Website.

7zip 16.04 64bit version. This is a free program for Packing and Unpacking compressed files, it works on most versions of Windows. 1 MB. 7Zip Home Page.

Any Password 1.44. A free program for storing all your passwords safely. Unfortunately the free version doesn't support Vista, Win 7 and Win 8. 641 KB. Any Password Home Page.

Audacity 2.0.5. A free Audio Editor and Recorder. 21.6 MB. Audacity Home Page.

Audio Grabber 1.83. A free program for copying your audio CD's into MP3 and saving them onto your hard disk. 1.63 MB. No Home Page.

BBC Shortcut Interface, John Brown from Nashville created these files to make accessing the BBC easier from the USA. 237 KB

C Cleaner Portable 5.37. One of the best free disk cleanup programs. 9.2 MB. C Cleaner Home Page.

Chicken Nugget 4.3. This Twitter client is specially written for visually impaired users. Demo version. 25.65 MB. Chicken Nugget Home Page.

Close All. This free utility will close all open windows instantly. Any programs in the System Tray are not affected so your screen reader will still work. 36 KB. NTWind Software Home Page.

Custom Address Book 1.1. This free Address Book allows you to define your own fields and catagories. 315 KB. Custom Address Book Home Page.

E-Mail Stripper 2.2. Free program which will strip headers and greater than signs from your E-Mails. 166 KB. Email Stripper Home Page.

Everything 1.2. Great free program for searching for files and folders on your computer, you'll never use the Windows Find command again. 334 KB. Everything Home Page.

GMud1.9b. A free client for playing online Mud Adventure Games. 196 KB. No Home Page.

Jarte 5.3. Free Word Processor which detects your screen reader and makes all its features accessible. 3.15 MB. Jarte Home Page.

Morse Machine 1.0. This is a free Morse Code teacher. 639 KB. No Home Page.

NoteTab Light 7.2. A great free Editor suitable for replacing the Windows Notepad editor. 2 MB. NoteTab Home Page.

Outlook Express 6 This version of Outlook Express now works with Windows 7, 8 and 10. 29.3 MB. Run As XP Home Page.

Quick Mix 1.06. Free utility which will restore your sound settings at bootup if your sound card ever becomes muted. 384 KB. Not recommended for Vista or Win7. Quick Mix Home Page.

Time Reminder 2, This is a free accessible multi purpose Clock, Timer and Stop Watch. 1.1 MB. Time Reminder 2 Home Page.

Whats App. Now you can install Whats App Messenger on your Computer and still be able to talk with friends on all types of mobile phones. You do need Whats App installed on your phone for it to work. 90 MB. Whats App Home Page.

Winamp 5.666. The latest and final version of Winamp. 12.14 MB. Winamp Home Page.

Win Frotz 1.51. Free Text To Speech Interpreter for playing text adventure games, see Scotties game page for more details. 1.5 MB.

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This page was last updated on November 16 2017.