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Run For Your Life, My Sweet Ileera
"You're a snake, a slippery slimy snake, everyone hates you..." "NO!" Run, run--until your lungs burst...
Originated by Eleanor. Last modified on 10 August 2013 04:03 PM.

SCORE summer adventures and their randomness
A thrilling 2 weeks of leadership and volunteer, based on true events.
Originated by keagan. Last modified on 29 July 2009 08:22 PM.

Two scientists find an artifact lost in time on an excavation. When it is activated, the results are unexpected.
Originated by Blake G. Last modified on 29 June 2009 04:22 AM.

Siban Livon: The Angel That Was Too Perfect
You all love characters, in some way or another, right? Well, let's see if you like this one. Tip: you won't.
Originated by Eleanor. Last modified on 4 January 2014 08:04 PM.

These two 'awesome' superheroes who defeat the evil OAP... or they try to...
Originated by Kelsey Trevett. Last modified on 28 December 2013 04:25 PM.

I don't know how to explain what this is going to be... just enjoy I guess
Originated by Mr.?. Last modified on 16 February 2018 06:32 PM.

Stones of the Immortal
The earth princess swore revenge on her ex-boyfriend
Originated by Shalonda Bell-Fossett. Last modified on 7 September 2010 01:20 PM.

Testing Settings
Originated by Kevin Bailey. Last modified on 9 February 2019 11:09 AM.

The Brimstone Path
Ariagu is skaling a mountain when he finds a strange map. It leads him to a strange vally full of mystacal creatures...
Originated by Mr.?. Last modified on 1 February 2012 01:42 PM.

The Cavern of Repression
Enter these fabled halls at your own risk. Follow a trail of lies, repression and wishes to escape.
Originated by ElmGoneWrong. Last modified on 18 March 2018 12:59 AM.

The Diamond Academy for Gifted Children
When Alexis Ellingsford is on her way home from school, she finds something unexpected.
Originated by Kaisely. Last modified on 29 September 2018 03:52 PM.

The Elights: One of Their Stories
This is just one version. There are so many possibilities. Hope you enjoy.
Originated by Eleanor. Last modified on 9 November 2013 05:34 PM.

The Land of Lost Things
This is just the skeleton of a poem. Feel free to add verses:)
Originated by O. Aishwarya. Last modified on 12 September 2012 01:21 PM.

The Lost Boy
A teenage boy, headed home from hockey practice and gets totally lost.
Originated by Wendy. Last modified on 28 January 2012 09:14 PM.

The Obsidian throne
A powerfully gifted man, torn with the desire between his duty to his kingdom and the need to deny the inner demons with
Originated by Caren. Last modified on 24 June 2016 05:23 AM.

The Obsidian throne
A powerfully gifted man, torn with the desire between his duty to his kingdom and the need to deny the inner demons with
Originated by Caren. Last modified on 24 June 2016 05:20 AM.

The Quiet Aes Sedai
A woman faces her darkest fears. Seeked by the black ajah, she is forced to run away from the White Tower.
Originated by melissa hunt. Last modified on 6 August 2010 05:59 AM.

The Story of Life
Let's see where this one goes...
Originated by Keltastorphy. Last modified on 16 February 2018 01:37 PM.

The Wheel
This story twists & turns like a wheel, going wherever it wants.
Originated by Meowzer Sassafras. Last modified on 3 January 2018 10:36 AM.

The adventures of Warcat on Sloe (alter aeon #1)
A young necromancer tries to do all quests on sloe in Alter Aeon
Originated by Matteo Hapta. Last modified on 15 February 2019 10:53 AM.

The horrors of Amber White
Amber White is an accomplished lucid dreamer. But one night, she finds herself trapped in her dreamworld.
Originated by Rahila. Last modified on 16 October 2016 05:29 PM.

The killing
This one's a detective story. Who killed who, and who did what to which member of the FBI and why did they do it, and fo
Originated by Joseph. Last modified on 9 July 2014 04:56 PM.

The land of bonne.
About a beautiful girl named zelinia from the land of bonne. Please add chapters and stick to what's there.
Originated by jade kelly. Last modified on 26 May 2014 12:03 PM.

The orientation and mobility lesson she never forgot
Jessica, who teaches mobility, is doing a mobility with her client David, but little does she know that this pacular let
Originated by RJ Sandefur. Last modified on 11 April 2012 02:33 AM.

The rogue angel chronicles: volume 1
This are the chronicles of anja hellar, a frmale archeologist.
Originated by Matteo Hapta. Last modified on 25 July 2014 04:20 PM.

The strange happenings
A Usual exercise workout quickly turns into a field of horror. You hear something strange. A ufo? Maybe not.
Originated by Omar Alvarado. Last modified on 30 January 2012 05:00 AM.

Together Forever
He'll stop at nothing to get her, and when he does, he regrets the day he met the witch doctor.
Originated by Jay. Last modified on 16 December 2009 05:22 AM.

Troubled Path
A fictionalyzed story of how my life has progressed and some current things.
Originated by jennifer palmer. Last modified on 11 February 2009 01:22 AM.

Valentine's Day
A cartoon about Valentine's Day. Feel free to add frames.
Originated by Meg. Last modified on 14 February 2012 11:53 PM.

Voices Out of Nowhere
I can make anybody say whatever I like -- once. And it lasts for only a moment.
Originated by Jonathon. Last modified on 18 April 2012 11:52 PM.

What bitter darkness
Something that i came up while talking to a friend and wanted to see what others made of it.
Originated by Dawn. Last modified on 3 January 2011 08:09 AM.

When The Night Comes
What happens when a girl is left to fend for herself in the darkness?
Originated by Eleanor. Last modified on 21 July 2013 10:48 AM.

Why Blindness?
A satire on blindness from an organizational perspective
Originated by Jake. Last modified on 22 May 2011 11:48 PM.

Why Me!
A story about dealing with blindness!
Originated by Andrew Johnson. Last modified on 14 October 2010 07:09 AM.

Will Love Stay?
Two people play Roleplaying games. They meet each other in an interesting set of circumstances in one of these games and
Originated by Rosanna Hostetler. Last modified on 15 February 2019 11:26 AM.

Will life ever be the same again?
when 20 year old Richard is confined to a wheelchair and blinded after a shooting he becomes dependant on his mother.
Originated by ian mcnamara. Last modified on 1 January 2018 03:31 PM.

a bad day at school
a boy's bad day at school
Originated by seth hurst. Last modified on 11 July 2010 12:35 AM.

a day in south park
one day erick rob bob and ted were just having fun when some thing happend what happend you will see if you read this
Originated by doug. Last modified on 21 November 2013 03:29 AM.

a short story
a story about a person who lost his son
Originated by Mohammad Salman Siddiqui. Last modified on 3 February 2010 07:06 AM.

loosely based on, " lifesize", but here an alexa comes to life
Originated by emily. Last modified on 15 February 2019 11:11 AM.

an interesting journey
science fiction, please read
Originated by a writer. Last modified on 4 February 2012 05:34 AM.

assassin the killing of obama
a hired assassin trys to kill obama
Originated by seth hurst. Last modified on 9 July 2010 12:42 AM.

i love writing stories, so here is another one, but this one i'm sharing
Originated by Christina. Last modified on 1 April 2014 04:54 AM.

fan fiction based on my favorite comedy series
Originated by emily. Last modified on 22 September 2018 04:40 PM.

cameron murry: the saga continues
what really happened to cameron murry on that rainy night in the wallpack?. what about the other villagers.
Originated by emily. Last modified on 20 January 2017 10:47 AM.

chane story
One morning timmie wakes up to find a voice in side his head. the voice belongs to lessa burk. what happens when the two
Originated by Dawn. Last modified on 22 April 2011 10:33 AM.

christmas in orlando
1 single mother, 4 children, a holiday in orlando. what could possibly go wrong?. quite a lot, apparently.
Originated by emily. Last modified on 7 August 2018 10:34 AM.

crime and craziness
a man is accused of a crime, an unusual way of doing a murder, but did he really do it?
Originated by Tim. Last modified on 18 October 2009 10:02 PM.

dark times
a story about a girl that goes through a lot of things
Originated by Sabrina Fagerheim. Last modified on 3 January 2009 09:37 PM.

what happens when 2 people from a dating site, finally meet in real life?.
Originated by emily. Last modified on 14 November 2013 11:47 AM.

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