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Sandman Stories--The Film Study
Ever had to do one of those film study assignments? Here's a look at what could happen when one doesn't go as expected.
Originated by Meg. Last modified on 19 March 2012 06:25 AM.

What Jacqueline sees.
Jacqueline Sutton has been blind sense birth, but she doesn't allow her blindness stop her from her dream of becoming Pr
Originated by RJ Sandefur. Last modified on 28 December 2011 05:09 PM.

A Chane Story
Possibilities are endless. This could go anywhere!
Originated by Shaun Edwards. Last modified on 8 August 2013 08:57 PM.

A Life in a boy's day
What is life? What does it turn out to be when you're 16 and life turns out not to be quite what you expected...
Originated by Jake. Last modified on 10 October 2009 04:49 AM.

A Mirror of Sorts
A young girl who's parents lock her away finds an opening into a parallel world of inside-out people.
Originated by Jaycob. Last modified on 8 August 2013 08:43 PM.

A Quest for everlasting Life
This is A story on my Christian lifestyle and my Adventure to search for the Lord Jesus Christ
Originated by Nicholas Bennett. Last modified on 13 December 2016 11:57 PM.

A day in a blinds life
A normal day in a blinds life. From school to work, all can be here.
Originated by Matteo Hapta. Last modified on 29 July 2013 09:31 AM.

A new Harry Potter twist
A new creative story about our favorite wizard Harry!
Originated by Amanda Schmeling . Last modified on 12 December 2009 03:37 PM.

Abolish The Good
What would happen if an evil demon sent out younglings to seek out the hearts of the good and devour them? Answer this.
Originated by Eleanor. Last modified on 25 October 2013 06:49 PM.

Action Reversal
Girl makes people go blind just by smiling at them. Doesn't know how to cope when the same happens to her ...
Originated by Lindsay Cowell. Last modified on 5 September 2010 07:42 PM.

Always I Love You
A boy falls for a girl whom has a hard time dealing with.
Originated by Gloria. Last modified on 20 July 2009 09:14 PM.

Amusing Ramblings--written While Half-asleep
Want a deep, deep look into my psyche? Or maybe it would be better to leave such mysteries unplundered...
Originated by Holden. Last modified on 8 March 2009 03:24 AM.

Autumn's Wind
A young girl struggles with the life of a teen: boys, school, friends, and...cancer.
Originated by NativeRose. Last modified on 30 May 2012 08:10 AM.

Baby in A Bin
About a baby who is found in a bin.
Originated by Lindsay Cowell. Last modified on 27 February 2017 02:52 PM.

Bear Buffet
So what do bears really think of bear bells? Here's an interesting possibility, although a bear would never do this.
Originated by Meg. Last modified on 1 November 2012 07:03 AM.

Beating hearts
Being 16. The Drama. The Boys, and the Heartbreaks
Originated by Michelle. Last modified on 18 November 2009 06:16 AM.

Black Wind
this one will be set in the future.
Originated by Joseph. Last modified on 11 September 2012 02:51 PM.

Blind Alley
A college girl meets a man on the bus who wants to start a civilization for the blind on an island. The story is abou
Originated by Karen B.. Last modified on 30 August 2015 03:28 PM.

Blind Beauty
Ever wondered what Twilight would be like if Bella was blind? Sarah's my sub for Bella.
Originated by Marissa. Last modified on 21 April 2014 03:17 AM.

I tell how I feel about being blind.
Originated by Michael Evans. Last modified on 21 July 2013 11:04 AM.

Book 1. Samantha Hope Adventures. The Golden Tower.
part epic adventure series, part fantasy fairytale, Follow this captivating half princess, half mystical character!
Originated by Shaun Edwards. Last modified on 15 April 2012 04:27 AM.

Changing is not an option
I am who I am and there is no way that is going to change. That is what Katie used to tell her self until she met Sarahe
Originated by Dawn. Last modified on 28 May 2010 08:13 PM.

Chili's Journey
A little Chihuahua, a rambling desire, a lost owner and then an open door providing a blessing for everyone.
Originated by Kevin Bailey. Last modified on 9 February 2019 05:32 PM.

Delicious days out
the story is about 5 foody friends conversing & trying to speculate about many affairs
Originated by yaminy. Last modified on 26 October 2012 04:44 AM.

A young adult named Emily is hit by a car. When she wakes, she finds she has some strange abilities...
Originated by Blake G. Last modified on 20 April 2009 04:36 AM.

Finding the Way
Talya isn't used to the things in her life being normail, but latly things have ben even more messed up thennormail.
Originated by dawn. Last modified on 29 April 2011 01:00 AM.

Flirting With Scurvy
Cartoon about what would probably happen if you followed the 100mile diet where I live.
Originated by Meg. Last modified on 9 December 2012 07:51 AM.

Fuel the breakdown
Story about the fact that I am always rejected. Or involved in quickly ending relations.
Originated by Omar Alvarado. Last modified on 8 May 2011 08:49 AM.

This is where damned are sent.
Originated by Joseph. Last modified on 29 June 2010 04:00 PM.

Hit and Run
Kim and Jeff sees a hit and run that injurs an older lady. The police try to find the driver of the hit and run car.
Originated by William Case. Last modified on 26 April 2010 06:18 AM.

Inner Voice
My experiences at a school for the blind
Originated by Lori Duncan. Last modified on 29 June 2010 05:44 PM.

Life at Brittleton Hall
When Kallesha Murdie was born her parents tell the midwife they don't want her, what happens after they take the baby ho
Originated by Lindsay Cowell. Last modified on 8 November 2013 07:33 PM.

Living in Hayley
Mandy, a ghost, lives inside Hayley, a 10-year-old girl ...
Originated by Lindsay Cowell. Last modified on 22 September 2018 03:38 PM.

Lost In Love
High where all the guys all seem so cool. ?Who will take her to the junior prom?Naomi Fields just started at Valleyview
Originated by debbie arendt. Last modified on 21 July 2013 10:42 AM.

Lots of Layovers
Hannah is flying to a planet called Casag, but she has 263 layovers. This story tells about all her layovers
Originated by miles. Last modified on 30 March 2018 11:07 AM.

Making Friends: the Story About Three Close Friends
Three close friends, Maya, Sean, and Jessica, all take a trip to East Africa on an exciting adventure. They go through
Originated by Casey Zaczek. Last modified on 19 January 2017 09:39 AM.

Meg and the gang
Four battered and bruised girls find their way to the home of Meg Grace, a loving Christian woman.
Originated by Kim Etheridge. Last modified on 4 April 2017 11:33 PM.

Midnight Darkness
About how life as a blind person is as dark as midnight and is full of complications.
Originated by Kelsey. Last modified on 23 September 2012 07:54 PM.

Mind reading
Not usually my thing, but here goes!
Originated by Christina. Last modified on 8 June 2014 05:34 AM.

Miss Moore and the Amazing Class
Miss Moore comes to a new school to find a wonderful set of children ...
Originated by Lindsay Cowell. Last modified on 28 December 2017 01:40 PM.

My Discrete and Unknown life
Ever wondered what a blind person's past was like? Well, here's mine. Please note, this is an absolutely true story.
Originated by Piper Otterbein . Last modified on 3 September 2018 06:59 AM.

My Interesting Life
Ever wonder what a blind person's life is really like? Well, here's mine.
Originated by Piper Otterbeine . Last modified on 3 September 2018 03:35 AM.

My Wonderful Life
This book what I am about to write, is my life story up until now. I think you will really enjoy reading it
Originated by Maheen Wickramasinghe. Last modified on 25 October 2013 10:14 AM.

No Family for Christmas
Rowena Rowe had her whole family killed a day after she was born. She had noone to look after her, so ended up in an orp
Originated by Lindsay Cowell. Last modified on 13 November 2013 05:53 PM.

Over-run World
Imagine what it would be like if the whole world was run by computers, and everyone was blind. Read on and enjoy!
Originated by James Dean. Last modified on 15 April 2012 05:26 AM.

Pieces of the Child
A special education teacher struggles to help each student in her class understand that they are loved.
Originated by NativeRose. Last modified on 2 March 2009 12:45 AM.

Pitch Black
Take a trip with me into a killers mind
Originated by Nicholas. Last modified on 12 October 2017 09:38 AM.

Prometheus. A pilot's story.
A story of a space pilot. Set in the universe of prometheus moo.
Originated by Connor Moser. Last modified on 29 November 2015 08:52 PM.

This is an autobiography of a blind adolescent who tells the story of his odd life.
Originated by Robert William Evans. Last modified on 19 May 2010 10:03 PM.

Reaching Morgan.
Morgon is a young man with major disabilities. will a camp specialising in animal therapy save him.
Originated by Ian McNamara. Last modified on 1 January 2018 03:03 PM.

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