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Chapter 1: Running the Roads
(by Kevin Bailey, added on 9 February 2019 05:32 PM)

As Di sat in her rocking chair, she saw the little Chihuahua once again. He was up and down the road and, come to think of it, she saw him on the main highway. She had some concerns about that so wondered just where he was heading. She got out of her chair to follow him.

Eventually, as he tried to get ahead of her, they ended up at a house in her community. The owner came to the door and asked if she could help Di. Di just explained that she was concerned about the dog since he had been on the highway and always wondering around. The owner said that he did that way too much but he would most likely have to go to the shelter anyway. Her husband was going to prison, she had to move and the new place wouldn't take pets. She asked Di if she would by chance want him. Di brought the pup home to ask her husband and he was comfortable with the situation since he met the dog and saw its demeanor. God probably opened this door for them and us in order that the dog had a home. He will fit in with the 3 Chihuahua girls we have. He should be a pretty happy guy with 3 girls around all the time. Now Chili's running days were over. He had a new mom and dad (owners), a new home, new sisters and the previous owner didn't have to worry since she found someone compassionate to take care of him. She told Di the name of the dog was Chili and since he was used to that name, they left it the same.

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