My Discrete and Unknown life

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Chapter 1: Introduction
(by Piper Otterbein , added on 3 September 2018 06:59 AM)

I was born to my parents in the summer of 1996. Of course, like many couples, I'm sure without a doubt that they were eager to see me after my mother gave birth. However, because I was born prematurely by about seven months, they were also definitely in an unimaginable state of shock at the same time. Obviously, I have no memory of my infant years, as I didn't have the brain power to recall anything that happened to me then. All I know is what my mother told me. From the moment she found out that I was a preemie baby, she always blamed herself for what happened to me. Of course, I don't blame her. However, like any other ordinary human being, I obviously no doubt catch myself having those rough days every now and then, where I'm constantly wrestling with my own internal emotions for hours, flipping between blame, guilt, and tons of other negative feelings racing nonstop through my head. Sometimes, it seems as though I'm like a bipolar patient, unconsciously switching between mania one minute, and depression the next. So, here's what happened.

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