the dark side to fairytales

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Chapter 1: introduction
(by emily, added on 30 March 2018 10:23 AM)

have you ever read a fairytale?

the 3 little pigs, little red riding hood, maybe the ugly duckling

read it and thought- surely their must be more?

surely, for example, after it says they never hear from the wolf again, something must happen to him?

this is the collection of fairytales which will go beyond the ending, and will tell the stories in a darker, more realistic way

Chapter 2: little red riding hood
(by emily, added on 30 March 2018 10:50 AM)

once apon a time, in a land far away, lived little red riding hood

she was a girl of about 8, and she was going to the forest to take a basket of food to her grandmother.

welll she's outside in the forest, when she spies something in the distance.

what she sees turns out to be a big bad wolf, and he doesn't look happy.

" hey little girl," says the wolf, " you're taking all that food to your grandmother's house and not leaving any for me?. but it all looks so good... won't you please give me some?. I've not eaten for a very long time."

"forget it," said little red riding hood. " I will not give you my food."

the wolf is very angry, and decides to get his own back
he walks to her grandmother's house, smashes the door open, walks inside and demands of the elderly grandmother.

" take off your clothes and go in the wardrobe!. "

the grandmother, (who can't see the wolf), but can hear him, starts yelling for help.

" help!. help!" she calls

the wolf is very angry, and knocks the grandmother out cold, and stufs her body inside the wardrobe. he then gets in to her clothes, and lies in the bed.

little red riding hood then arives to see the door is smashed open.

" grandmother?" she asks. " is everything okay?."

" all is fine, dearry," said the grandmother (who we now know is the big bad wolf)

little red riding hood gasped.

" you're not my grandmother at all!" she exclaimed. " you're the big bad wolf in disguise!"

" just shut up and give me the food" cried the wolf. " I'm straving!."

little red riding hood started calling out for her grandmother.

"grandmother?. grandmother?. grandmother!"

of course, the grandmother was unconcious in the wardrobe, so she couldn't hear her cries

"shut, up!" howled the big bad wolf, as he prepared to bite little red riding hood right on the arm.

" you won't get away with this," said little red riding hood, as she turned to leave. " I will run back home as fast as I can to tell my mother!".

" try it." cackled the wolf. " I doubt you'll get far."

sure enough, as little red riding hood turned to leave, she saw a site that made her blood run cold.

coming towards the broken door, were a herd of wolves, each one looking more nasty than the next.

" we're ready to eat!" said one. " where's the basket?"

" not here!" screamed little red riding hood. she picked up a tree branch, and hurled it at one of the wolves making him topple over.

" you didn't want to do that," cried the wolf, as he got up, dusted himself off, and charged little red riding hood

despite her cries, the wolf gobbled her up

then the wolves went inside and feasted on the basket of goodies

and after that, the wolves tore open the wardrobe door, and gobbled up grandmother.

and after that?

the wolves moved in to that house, and lived their for many years

they wern't feared, they wern't driven away by anyone, they just lived their in silence.

but it is said, on dark rainy nights, when little girls are walking through the woods, the wolves come out to feast on their body and to steal any food they might be carying.

so next time you're walking in the woods, just be careful, won't you?

Chapter 3: goldylocks and the 3 bears
(by emily, added on 5 May 2018 02:45 PM)

once a pon a time, their lived a woman by the name of goldylocks

well on this warm sunny day she was out in the forest, when she came across a cottage

it was open, so she decided to take a look inside.

she spotted 3 bowls of porridge and decided to eat

well the first bowl of porridge she tried was too hot

the second bowl of porridge was too cold,

but the third one was just right- and she ate it all up

then she wanted to sit down

she sat down in the first chair, but it was too hard for her

the second chair was too soft

the third chair was just right, but because goldylocks had eaten all that porridge, she was quite full- and her weight made the little chair break.

bleeding, and in pain, goldylocks limped up pstairs for a rest

the first bed she tried was too hard

the second one was too soft

and the third one was just right, and goldylocks fell asleep.

now, the 3 bears came home and noticed the porridge

who's been eating my porridge, said daddy bear

and who's been eating my porridge, said mummy bear

look, said baby bear, mine's all gone

next, they looked at the chairs

who's been sitting in my chair, said daddy bear

who's been sitting in my chair, said mummy bear

look, my chair is broken, squealed baby bear

next, they went upstairs

who's been sleeping in my bed, said daddy bear

who's been sleeping in my bed, said mummy bear

baby bear looked and saw that someone was sleeping in his bed

at once, the 3 bears tackled her, startling the woman and waking her up.

they demanded her name and what she was doing in their cottage

she explained she had no idea it belonged to the bears and she was just exploring.

however, it was not her lucky day

the bears (who also turned out to be police officers), went downstairs to take off their disguises, then re entered the room.

" we're not bears," said daddy bear. " we're police officers, and we know for a fact, young goldylocks, you are a wanted criminal and you have been on the run from us for too long. you're going away for a very long time."

so goldylocks spent the rest of her days in a dark and dreary prison cell, for all the crimes she had committed over the years

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