Lots of Layovers

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Chapter 1: planning the trip, and layover 1
(by miles, added on 13 March 2018 08:14 PM)

Hannah! Kala, Hannah's mom called. "I'm trusting you to be able to take this trip on your own. I want you to know, if you don't behave, you will be in big trouble." Hannah smiled. Next week, Hannah (12 years old) was taking a trip to the planet Casag. "Come help me choose your flight!" called Noah, Hannah's dad called. Hannah went upstairs and sat down with her dad. Noah pulled out his phone and pulled up flights to Dornoeogh Smith Interplanetary airport. The cheapest flight had 263 layovers! Hannah chose that one only because it was cheap. One week later, Hannah was at Daytona Beach airport. Her first flight was to the planet Geoggelc. Her flight was 2 hours. She was on Trans Universe flight TU 1731. The crew was nice, but other than that, nothing happened during the flight. Her Geoggelc layover was only 1/2 hours long. It was one of the shortest layovers that Hannah had ever had. Her next flight was flight tu 1788 to Gghihiko.

Please give more detail to the next chapter. Make it about Hannah's next layover.

Chapter 2: Gghihiko
(by emily, added on 30 March 2018 11:07 AM)

Gghihiko was a dark place.

when she got out the plain, hannah found herself in what seemed to be a dark, desolate wasteland.

she wondered who would live in such a place, even if it was in habited by anyone.

she walked on regardless, hoping to find something to do in the short time she was landed here.

soon, hannah came to what seemed to be a mountain. a voice from inside the mountain greeted her,

" who goes their?."

it sounded rough, and low

" I'm hannah," hannah said. " I am going to the planet casag, but I am here for a layover. who are you?"

"I am atilla," said the monster. " I live inside the mountain.

as he said that, a rumbling started beneath hannah's feet

then she felt hot and saw something coming down the mountain

" it's lava!" she screamed. " it's a volcano!"

at the mention of the word volcano, atilla came charging out of the mountain, grabbed hannah, and dragged her back to his home.

" what are you doing?" she screamed. " you know I need to catch my flight."

atilla roared, but didn't say anything.

hannah knew how she could get away.

she reached over, and tickled atilla on the arm.

he laughed

he laughed so hard that both him and hannah shot out of the volcano, landing at the base of the mountain.

with a mighty roar, atilla got up to chase her

but hannah was too quick for him.

she ran back as fast as she could to the plain, got onboard, and wondered where she was going next.

" planet lumia," came the announcement.

" lumia?" she thought. " that sounds like a better place

she settled back in her seat to enjoy the ride.

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