The Story of Life

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Chapter 1: Chapter 1
(by Keltastorphy, added on 16 February 2018 01:37 PM)

He opened up Twitter on his phone, sitting up in his bed as the timeline of torment loaded before his very eyes. Almost instinctively, he began to scroll through the messages, each one seeming more depressing and stinging than the last, like each owrd was targeted at him, and only him.
'Remember, tomorrow is a bright new day!' shouted one. But what if it wasn't? what if it wasn't going to be a 'bright new day', because for him, tomorrow might never come? If they knew, would they speak differently? He highly doubted it; still, it was probably for the best that they acted without thinking of him. It'd make things easier for them in the long-run.

The clock struck 9, and he missed school again. What were they going to do, anyway? Expell him? Actions only hurt if they have consequences, and if the consequences weren't going to make themselves felt to him, then why even worry thinking about them? Besides, school only made things worse: they didn't get it now, and they won't get it tomorrow, and so why bother even trying?

The sheets clung to him. It was almost ironic, he supposed, that life itself couldn't cling on any longer, but the flimsy white bedsheets, bulk-bought by hospitals across the country, could do nothng but. He missed his own bed -- it's four wooden posts stood tall, like regimented soldiers, a stuffed dog (kept for sentimental value) sat protectively at the foot of the bed. Tears wouldn't come, and it was better that they didn't, for if they did, he'd struggle to cease their fall.

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