Pitch Black

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Chapter 1: The hunt
(by Nicholas, added on 12 October 2017 09:38 AM)

It was cold, so cold it froze the bone marrow of any living thing. How the hell could it get so cold? The sounds of hissing could be heard. She wondered what the bloody hell it could be. She waited for the snakes to strike her naked flesh.

Dam, how long had she been out for? She must have been drugged. The last thing she remembered was taking the water that the doctor had offered her. She was only 16 and now she was carrying a newborn in her stomach. Gasping for air, she finally understood that hissing was growing quieter and quieter. looking around her tiny cell, she saw a clock that was counting down instead of the regular time. Oh, fuck she thought as the last canister of air went still as death itself. The last thing she saw was the clock hit zero minutes and 10 seconds. Panicking, now. she started to cry for herself and her newborn she'd never get to hold. That was the last thought she'd ever have.

Stepping into the crime lab with his white cane. special agent Nicholas Bennett, slammed his fist against his desk. Another fucking dead girl all like the others he thought to himself. He had to be doing something, anything from killing the murderous sun of a bitch who kept kidnapping at night.

"Have we got anything new?," the agent asked his computer"

"Checking all new files and e-mails," his computer responded. Please enter in your access code.

After punching in some kriptic codes that contained letters and numbers, A soft ding sounded as an e-mail came in.

"Read new messages," he barked.

"First message, marked important. sent today at 4:30 a.m. Better luck next time. Special Agent Bennett. This one came easy for me. If you don't know me by now, you can find a clue where she was barried. Oh, I'm sorry I almost forgot you were blind. So here is a new clue for you. Tick Tock.. And with that clue, lets start a game called hunter and the hunted.

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