the stranger on the bridge

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Chapter 6: a life not worth the living
(by emily, added on 3 January 2018 11:24 AM)

" I can't do this!" becky screamed aloud. " I can't do this!". she imagined sitting in the dungeon for days on end, and eventually being killed here.

she wondered now why she didn't jump from the bridge. she wondered why she trusted rob.

she thought about her abusive mother, unaware that becky was now going through even more abused- and pictured her laughing and hugging rob if she ever found out.

becky stood up, and made hjer way over to the door.

it was locked- of course it was, rob had locked it when he left

becky grabbed on to the handle, picked up her foot, and gave the door an all mighty kick.

of course, the door didn't unlock, rather just looked a little more dented than before.

" help me!" becky screamed, kicking the door again. " someone please, help me!". she turned herself around, so she could use her other foot to kick

but it made no diffrence. the door remained locked

" blast you rob!" becky screamed, as she went back to her corner of the stone floor and sat down.

she wanted to cry, she wanted to break down. she couldn't though, just in case justine made one of her visits and saw her, and perhaps gave the information to rob.

becky put her arms on the cold floor beside her and felt the sharp knife next to her, and next to that the leather book

slowly, she picked up the book, and opened it.

she gasped at what she saw inside.
the book seemed to be a map of the city.

when she opened it, the front page showed the road. the road that led to the bridge, the bridge which she wished she'd jumped from

other pages contained pictures of her house, her old school, the shops, the movie theater, the park, everywhere in the city.

becky, who before was angry and frustrated, now sat smiling at the book. she realised this could help her, she didn't know how it could help her, but she knew it could

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