the stranger on the bridge

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Chapter 5: the rules
(by emily, added on 3 January 2018 11:02 AM)

"ah," rob said with a smile. " I see you've regained conciousness"

" yep," said becky flatly. she had a lot to say, but she knew she couldn't, not yet.

" good, good. " said rob quietly. " now you're awake, let me go through the rules."

" rules?" becky asked.

rob sat down on the stone floor, and patted the floor beside him indicating becky should sit down too.

" so," said rob. " as you've probably figured out by now, this isn't a doctor's surgerry, or indeed a hospital."

"I figured." becky said.

"good, good. " said rob, in his soft patronizing voice. " if you do what I say, you won't be hurt."

becky thought she'd be hurt anyway, this place was grim, and her own outlook not that much better.

" it's a dungeon" rob said. becky was astonished he had admitted that to her. " it's a dungeon, where you will work for me, and in return" rob started to grin " I will use you for my experiments."
"experiments?" becky asked. " what experiments?"
in sted of answering, rob took out a sharp knife and held it to becky's chest

" don't ask questions" he said, his voice now a feerce growl.

" in the mornings, justine will deliver our breakfast. we will eat, and then I will go off to work. you will empty the bucket in the corner, and then " he stopped so he could take out a big leatherbound book " you will work through this book, and you will write down anything that could help me out."

" but.." becky didn't get far.

rob put the knife back on becky's chest

" you will work, through, the, book" he said slowly and crossly. " their is to be no escape, their is to be no breaks, their is to be no showers..."

" no showers?" becky asked. " but the only clothes I have are the ones I'm wearing. I'll smell after a few days."

rob pointed to the sink

" use that" he said angrily.

becky would have continued to argue with him, by pointing out that their was nothing to wash with, but she didn't. she just sat their
part of her wondered if it even mattered.

the room smelled terrible. dry blood, dirty water, the toilet in the corner, it was all ready quite grim.

" ah yes!" aded rob in a sudden moment of recognition. "justine might come here from time to time, and you are to do what she says, tooo. got it?"

becky nodded, though she imagined rob wasn't quite as smart as he thought.

after all, she had broken out the dungeon once because he'd left the door unlocked, she imagined escaping this place would be easy.

" I will come home each night at 10, and when I come home, I expect you to be asleep."

" where will I sleep?" becky dared to ask.

" where do you think?" rob growled. " the stone floor of course. now, excuse me."

rob got up, opened the big door with the black handle, rushed through it, then locked it from the other side, leaving becky alone in the dungeon

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