the stranger on the bridge

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Chapter 4: the secret files
(by emily, added on 1 January 2018 06:35 PM)

"I don't feel well" becky was saying as rob was driving them both home

she was gasping, and her throat felt tight. she tried to vomit, but nothing came out, though she felt their was something inside that was meant to.

" don't worry" said rob. " you just need to rest. you've had a long night."

becky continued to gasp and she continued to gag.

"rob...... do something" she said. " I feel terrible."

" deep breaths becky, you'll be fine." rob said. " anyway, we're almost home."

by the time they did arive at rob's house, becky was motionless. she lay on the passenger seat, her eyes closed, her breathing weak.

rob smiled, stopped the car, and ever so carefully picked becky up (like you would a new born baby), and carried her in to the house.

he laied her down, said, " good night, love, " and left quietly..

rob went back to his car where his mobile was resting on the drivers seat. he dialed justine's number.

" I have her with me now" said rob. " little angel's out like a light. I'm going to have fun with this one."

" very good my love" said justine. " you contact me if she tries to escape."

becky opened her eyes. she didn't know where she was or how she got their.

she knew one thing though. she could feel a drip, drip, drip.

as her eyes adjusted, she looked down at her arm.

it was wet and bleeding.

" blood" she said aloud. " I must have banged it or something last night."

her head was throbbing. she had no idea what was happening to her.

time passed and her eyes became more adjusted, and as they did she could make out things about the room she was in.

it was a tiny room. she was lying spread out on a ccold stone floor. in one corner of the room was a tiny sink for washing, and in the other sat a bucket- which becky asumed was the toilet

she shuddered at the thought of having to go to toilet in a bucket.

the door was big, with a black handle. becky wondered if the door was locked or unlocked.

she thought to herself that she was in prison. the room looked the right size to be a cell.

slowly, becky got to her feet. she realised she needed the toilet, but one glance at the bucket and she went off the idea, and decided to hold it.

the first thing she did was walk over to the sink so she could stop her arm from bleeding.

the sink looked extremely dirty and uninviting, but becky had to stop the bleeding in her arm.

she turned on the tap, and held her arm under the cold, merky water.

after a while she removed it, and pulled down her shirt slieve so that it covered her arm

she looked down and smiled. the bleeding had stopped.

next, she tried the door with the big black handle.

to her surprise, the door opened and becky stepped out in to a coridor.

their were 2 other doors outside

one was the main door leading back to the main road.

the other looked like it was half open, and becky decided to investigate.

with a small push, the door opened fully and in she stepped to what seemed to be a study.

it was a small study, with 2 shelves.

the top shelf contained various sized bottles with weirdly shaped lids. becky examined them, but had no idea what was inside. she tried smelling them, but they didn't smell, or rather they did- but she couldn't identify what it was.

the other shelf contained 2 files.

becky removed one of the files from the shelf, and started to look through it.

it was a photo album, and all the pictures seemed to be of women.

women who, becky imagined, had been taken to this place by rob, and murdered.

the other file was slightly smaller.

becky looked through it, only to find it was full of strange writing.

not just any writing either. it seemed that the writing in this file was all written in code.

no complete sentences, no complete words. just... code.

becky put the file back and turned to the door again.

she was about to leave when she spotted a drawer next to the door

on opening the drawer, becky discovered it was full of items.

their were rings, hair peaces, clothes, stuffed toys, perfume bottles, she wondered if this was a collection of things that rob had taken from his previous victims.

in an ideal world, she really needed a longer look at those files. but she didn't know how long rob would be out, and she really needed the toilet.

she returned to the dungeon, and looked at the bucket.

havingn o other choice, becky aproached theb ucket and did what she had to do.

"hello!" called a voice, " becky!"

becky froze. rob was back, and she wondered what he was going to make her do next.

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