the stranger on the bridge

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Chapter 3: inside the bar
(by emily, added on 1 January 2018 12:13 PM)

the bar was absolutely deserted, and becky couldn't help wondering why it was open.

"it's so quiet" she said to rob.

rob was just about to reply, when the waitress, justine, came over and put her arms around rob.

" rob, rob!. it's so good to see you my love!. oh and who do we have here?." she glanced at becky.
"becky," rob said. " just the latest person finding herself at the top of the bridge."

" yes, yes. " said justine. " I don't know why so many people use that beridge in the first place. it's not the most stable bridge in the city."

" probably why they use it" said rob. " especially if they plan to end their lives. anyway justine, the usual please. we're going to sit down."

justine smiled and headed for the kitchen

" oh you know her then?" asked becky. " she seemed awefully friendly with you."

" well," laughed rob. " I come here all the time, with all these..." he paused to think of the words " all these people I find getting ready to jump off bridges." he laughed again.

they enjoyed their meal, a hamburger and fries, and a drink of juice.

since it was quiet in the bar, justine came over to talk with them.
she didn't eat though, just talked.

" so rob," justine asked. " are you taking becky back to your house afterwards?. I don't suppose she's anywhere else to go."

"I'll take her back with me," said rob. " at least for tonight. tomorrow we'll work something out."

" actually rob," becky began, " I don't need to come back to yours. I'll just go back to my place. it's not far."

rob's face frew dark

" you're coming back to mine!" he growled, and justine also wore a dark expression as she said, " yeah becky, you're going to do what he says."

" no, no i'm not." becky screamed.

and with that, she dropped her half eaten burger on the table, got up from her chair, and headed for the door.

rob and hjustine were quick on their heels to follow.

while justine blocked the door so becky couldn't get out, rob tackled her to the ground and punched her square in the face.

becky shreeked in agony and tried desperately to get out of his reach.

" you're not a doctor!" she screamed. " you're not. you're not you're not you're not!. I don't know what you are, but you're not a doctor."

" you'll be right their love," justine said, an evil smile creeping across her face. " rob isn't a doctor at all. now becky love, if you go with rob back to his house, he won't hurt you again will you rob?. darling?"

" no, not at all." rob had an evil smile on his face too. " I won't hurt an inch of her body."

" you will!" becky screamed. " and I am not coming with you!".

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