the stranger on the bridge

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Chapter 1: figuring out life
(by emily, added on 29 March 2017 03:43 PM)

it was cold, it was wet, and it was saturday night

becky stood on the bridge facing the water.

she was planning to jump, to end her life forever.

she was only 19, but had all ready experienced more than her fair share of problems.
her family had been abusive towards her all her life, then at the last minit decided to disown her and vanish from the country.

at school, she was constantly teased and bullied, often being left out of playground games, or excluded in classes.

her financial situation was terrible, and at this current moment, she couldn't even aford a loaf of bread.

becky was depressed, and as she stood their on the bridge getting ready to jump, she wondered how it had come to this

how, at only 19 years old, she felt forced to end it. forced to jump in to the water below.

becky had no one, or nothing. she felt hopeless.

meanwhile, somewhere out on the road, a green car was driving quickly towards the bridge.

the driver, who seemed to be in his early 30's, looked intently out of the window, watching the falling rain.

when he got to the bridge, he stopped. from his window, he could see becky on the bridge getting ready to jump

it was late, and he just wanted to get home, however something told him to stop and help this woman.

it was still raining heavily, and the driver of the car knew that becky could be in danger, should she slip and fall from the bridge.

quickly, he got out of the car and aproached the bridge.

he didn't move on to the bridge, not yet, rather called up to becky, and hoped he would get an answer, an answer that would convince him she was okay.

"hey is anyone up their?" he called. "I thought I saw a shadow on the bridge".

"go away," called becky. "go away. I don't need the police here."

"i'm not the police," replied the stranger. "actually my name is rob, and I was just driving home. I saw you and thought you might need some help. what is your name?"

"never mind what my name is," screamed becky. " go away!"

rob looked up to see that becky was very close to the edge of the bridge. he knew if things continued like this, she'd have no chance.

"why are you on that bridge?" asked rob. "it's cold, it's wet, and it's late on saturday night."

"I'm going to jump if you must know" said becky. "I've had this planned now for a few months, and no one, not even you, will stop me from doing it."

rob thought about this. he didn't want to agrivate her, but at the same time he did want to help her.

"I'm not here to stop you", he finally said. "I just... want some fresh air."

"you want to stand out in the rain?" becky asked him. "you have a weird hobby."

"so do you," said rob. " standing on high bridges in dangerous weather."

rob stepped on to the bridge. he didn't aproach becky, not yet.

becky saw him though, and asked

"why are you stepping on to the bridge?. what's for you up here.".

rob thought for a long while before answering

"I have a good view of the road from up here," he said. "so if their's any traffic jams or accidents, I know not to drive off."

becky nodded.

"makes sense," she said

rob moved a little closer to becky.

"I thought i'd keep you company on the bridge," he said. "it's a dark rainy night, and if you slip, I can easily catch you."

he was desperate to get back to the subject of the jump, but did not know how to approach it. for now, he thought, she was trusting him and he didn't want to anger her or make her afraid of him.

taking his chances, he said..

"how long have you been standing on this bridge?"

"oh, only for about an hour" becky said. " not that long."

"you must be hungry," rob ventured. "I know a burger bar that's open this time of night, would you like to have a burger with me?."

"I don't have money," came back the reply. "plus i'm meant to be jumping from a bridge. going to a burger bar is hardly going to help that is it?"

"well," said rob slowly, "probably not. but it will give us a chance to talk somewhere warm, and somewhere safe. maybe you can tell me about your reasons for wanting to jump, and maybe I can help you."

"you're just a stranger," rebecca said. "you can't help me."

"I can help you" he said. "actually, i've helped a lot of people like you before."

becky's face darkened, and before rob could say anything more, she screamed "police!. police!. you're a liar!"

"i'm not involved with the police," said rob gently. "honestly, i'm not. you saw my car drive up. does it look like a police car to you?."

becky stared at him

"well," she started. " if you're not involved with the police, then who are you."

rob took this oppotunity to make a bargain with her.

"well," he said, "if you step down from this bridge, and come with me to the burger bar, I'll tell you about me, and maybe you can tell me about you as well."

becky thought about this.

"and you're not going to take me to the station, or hurt me, or..." she brroke off

"no, none of that" said rob. "i just want to help you. remember I said I've helped people like you before?."

rob ventured closer to becky. he could now reach out his hand to touch her shoulder.

but he didn't yet. he stood their looking at her.

"so have you decided?" he asked. " are you coming with me?"

becky looked at the water and shivered.

"it is cold," she said. "it wouldn't surprise me if that water is frozen solid."

rob grinned and lightly touched her shoulder.

"and you could be in a nice warm bar talking to me" he ventured

becky didn't try to push him away, rather just stood their on the bridge.

" you look really cold," he said

becky nodded

"you look wet," he added

becky nodded again

"and hunry?" he asked

becky nodded

"and fritened" he said

she nodded again

reaching forward to take her arm, he said "well, come with me. let us talk about things."

slowly, she turned away from the water and smiled.

she leaned in to rob, and together they walked off the bridge, to his car, and to safety.

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