the stranger on the bridge

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Chapter 2: the car ride
(by emily, added on 18 April 2017 12:28 PM)

"so," said rob, as he started the engine of the car, " now i've got your trust, do I get to know your name?." he smiled

"well," said becky, " my actual name's rebecca, but I answer to becky, in fact I prefer becky. it sounds nicer."

"well then becky it is," said rob. " it is nice to meet you, and as I said, my name is rob. i'm a...."

"policeman," becky cut in. "and don't tell me you're not. who else would be out on a rainy night like this?. the police will, to help keep people safe, but no one else." she was sure that rob was a policeman.

" no, i'm certainly not a policeman," said rob. " I know it's dark, so you can't really see me, but I can asure you I don't even have a policeman's uniform on." he paused and smiled again. "now," he asked, " would you like to know who I am?"

becky nodded

"well," said rob, " i'm a doctor. I actually work for the local hospital, and at my hospital their are, well," he paused while he thought of the right words. "their are a lot of people like you, who have attempted suicide, or have thought about it, and I, well, help them get better, and help them live. does that make sense?."

becky nodded

"maybe," rob ventured, "I can take you their, and we can talk in my office.".

"maybe," becky said. "maybe we can."

the rain outside was getting even heavier now. rob was so glad he'd managed to rescue becky, before they got caught up in it really bad.

"here we are," he finally said. " the burger bar. let's go in and get a burger."

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