the firecat series book 1. the cosmic chaining effect

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Chapter 1: how the chain got started.
(by JANE KELLY, added on 26 March 2017 04:31 PM)

in the beginning when mankind was first investigating his immediate surroundings; that small and very uninteresting species of life living in the known universes found out, much to it's shock and overwhelming insecurity, that; in fact it was not only a small part of life; but, a very uninteresting and valueless part of what the cosmic chain is made of.
Needless, or maybe needful to say; the humans who found out these truths didn't only not like their collective findings, but; in their normal idiotic way, kept everyone else of their kind from knowing the known.

The reports that came back to the human's central research gathering crew made it clear that not only humans were the most intelligent life forms in the known universes, but; the only sencient life forms capable of existing.

These lies were greatfully excepted and honored as absolute truths until an insane "star ship" captain; the now infamous/famous firecat, happened to fall in love/lust/lust/love with an alien life form so unlike a human that classification from the consept of human physiology was not only impossible but unthinkable, which is worse.
From here we will let the narration come to us all from the creators of the known life forms commomly called goddesses,demons, gods, saints, doctors, scientists, witches, bitches, bards, etc.
In effect; those who are responsible for maintaining some kind of order in this beautifully cchaotic existence of ours.

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