the million pound question

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Chapter 3: Frustration.
(by Ian McNamara, added on 19 December 2017 07:38 PM)

Richard was frustrated, his mother was not agreeing instantly to go with him, he knew if he told her the real reason he actually wanted to go that it was not lightly to happen. He would have to think of a way to convince her but without giving away his real reason for wanting to go. If she found out then he was pretty sure it would not be happening. He however was keen to go, he knew if he did not then his big chance would probably never come again. The million dollar question, a show he'd always wanted to go on was now in reach but how to go.

Cathy was determined to find out why Richard suddenly wanted to go to Canada, she was pretty sure that it was for a reason and she did not believe his reason about sosulizing more. She was going to find out the real reason and if she liked it she might then agree.

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