the million pound question

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Chapter 1: the smartist boy in the world
(by emily, added on 2 March 2017 04:02 PM)

richard sat on the sofa in the lounge.

his eyes were glued to the tv.

the million pound question was on. it was all he ever watched

contestants answering 30 questions, and with each right answer tey get a step closer to winning 1 million pounds.

it was a little like a road.

they didn't win money for every question they got, just continued down the cash road, as the host called it.

no one though, ever won the grand prize.

usually it was because they took their time on the questions, and by the time they got to the 1 million pound question, time had run out.

that, or the people on the show just didn't make it that far.

their wern't any helpful options if you didn't know an answer, you either knew it, or you didn't.

richard knew he could walk away with the grand prize. he was the smartest person in the whole of the USA.

by 9, he was reading shakespeare. by 11, he knew his classical music from his opera, and by 13 he knew every capital of everry country in the world.

oh yes, richard studdied hard. really hard, so hard, in fact, that he never had much time to socialise with friends.

every day he watched the million pound question, and every day he got all the answers correct. he just wanted to be on the show.

they'd never choose him though. for starters, the producers of the show tended to pick couples, and the single players they did pick were usually in their 30's or 40's.

for another, they had never had an american on the show.

the show was canadian, and contestants were always chosen from canada.

richard knew he'd not be on the show, but he could watch it

he often wondered what he'd do with 1 million pounds.

he thought about taking his family on a cruise, he thought about moving to a new house, with a pool and a gold course. he even thought about a top of the range car.

richard had a lot of ideas about what he'd do with the money if he ever won it, but of course, he'd never get to go on the show. what was he thinking?

his mother cathy didn't understand quiz shows.

she didn't really understand all that studying either.

she wanted richard to live more of a social life. get out with friends, spend time with her, hell, she thought, even playing video games was a break from studying

as much as she encouraged him though, richard remained set in his ways. studying, watching the quiz, then more studying.

he even ate in is room, while studying.

he was devoted. he didn't share cathy's concerns, in fact often she'd wonder if he heard her.

richard was an only child. the only person he lived with was cathy.

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