the million pound question

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Chapter 2: oppotunity knocks
(by emily, added on 29 March 2017 04:17 PM)

1 day, while richard was watching the million pound question (and getting them all right), the host announced that at the end of the show, he had a special announcement to make.

richard wondered what it was

after watching the final player fall at question 15, richard held his breath for the special announcement

"attention viewers," came the host's voice. "do you think you have what it takes to beat the million pound question, but can't apply for the show because you're from a diffrent country?. well never fear. for the first time in the show's history, you could be a contestant. we are looking for 4 players 1 from the UK, 1 from the USA, 1 from australia, and 1 from germany, for our international special. you must come to canada on april the 8th so you can audition. good luck."

richard almost fell off his chair.

for the first time in the show's history, they were going to allow other countries to audition. this was great. richard was going to be a contestant

well, that is, if he could convince his mother to go to canada with him.

he got up from the sofa and went in to the kitchen, where his mother was preparing dinner.

"hey mom?" he asked, "you know you've always wanted me to have more of a social life?"

his mother smiled

"well, what about a few days in canada. I hear it's a wonderful country."

"canada?" asked his mother, " what's wrong with being here in the US?"

"nothing" richard said. "I just thought it might be a good holiday."

"something going on?" asked his mother. " you've never wanted to go to canada before. you've never even wanted to leave the house much."

"nothing's going on," said richard. "just trying to be sociable."

his mother shook her head. she knew something was going on, and she was determined to find out what it was.

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