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Chapter 1: Beginning.
(by Meowzer Sassafras, added on 8 February 2017 10:08 PM)

Rowan sat on the doorstep, contemplating what to do today. She tapped her fingers absently on the cold stone, thinking.
Nothing was the same after her parents had been abducted. Her aunt Ezmerelda, who had been sent to take care of her, had slipped into a state of paranoia, and wouldn't let her go far away from home. She yearned for adventure, adventure of any kind.
Coming to a decision, she sighed, and stood up. She walked quietly into the house, her aunt was in her room. She could sneak out quickly, if she was quiet.
Rowan took some food and a jug of water from the kitchen and put them into a hiking backpack, as well as a sweater and extra socks, a compass, and other necessary traveling things, and, slipping the backpack over her shoulders, dashed out of the door, thrugh the yard, and into the woods.

Chapter 2: the deep dark woods
(by emily, added on 27 February 2017 01:01 PM)

the woods were dark.

it was cold as well, very cold. leaves were all over the ground, and still more were blowing off nearby trees.

rowan didn't care though. she she walked through the woods, all she could think about was how brave she was.

how that in just a few short minits, she'd gone from a teenage girl, to a survival expert.

"I am going to be just as brave as bear gryls," she said to herself.

she needed to find somewhere to sleep.

a tree?. no, she couldn't really climb trees.

last time she'd climbed a tree the branch broke, and she fell to the floor below breaking her leg

the floor?

no, it was too leafy and cold.

rowan thought. what would bear do if he was here, stranded in the woods on a cold dark night.

rowan loved survival shows.

at home, she had the discovery channel.

they had all kinds of survival shows on discovery channel, rowan loved them all. now she was starring in her very own show. she knew she could be just as brave as any of the presenters.

"rowan, rowan!". she stopped dead in her tracks.

her aunt was calling her.

she must have woken up, and discovered she had gone.

she knew to check the woods. rowan was always in the woods, playing with her friends, lighting fires, or just enjoying a walk.

she didn't quite know what to do, but she decided to keep walking in the oppositte direction.

anyway, her aunt was old. it would take her ages to catch up to her, even if rowan walked at a slow pace

Chapter 3: goldylocks and the abandoned cottage
(by emily, added on 25 April 2017 12:29 PM)

soon rowan came to a cottage

she looked at where she was

she was right on the edge of the woods

" it's the cottage at the edge of the woods," she said. " I wonder if anyone lives here?."

she knocked on the door.

" come in," said an old frail voice from inside

rowan entered and shut the door

" who are you?" she asked, " and why are you living in a cottage at the edge of a woods."

"i'm goldylocks. " said goldylocks. "yes," she aded, " the 1 from the fairytale. the 1 with the 3 bears?."

" so where are the bears," rowan wondered around.

" oh, the bears" said goldylocks. " they are dead. they were walking back home 1 afternoon after a nice walk, and who should they meet but the 7 dwarves coming back from a day at the mines. anyway, they were walking home together, when they came across a group of hunters. the hunters aimed their guns at the bears, 1 hunter for each bear. at that moment, dopy shouted fire!. I guess it was an effert to distract the hunters, but well, you and I know that fire is another word for shoot, and well... the rest is history."

rowan laughed.

" so the bears are dead because of 1 dwarf?. wow that's... funny!. best laugh i've had all day. if you know the bears are dead though, why don't you just move back to your own house?"
" how could I?" said goldylocks. " baby bear's bed is so nice and soft, and all the poridge is so sweet!. I love it here, it's really homely."

"what about you," she aded. " what are you doing at the edge of the woods."

" in search of adventure I suppose," said rowan. " i'm bored at home with nothing to do, I thought i'd come to the woods, see what I can find."

"well," goldylocks said, " you're welcome to share this house with me, mummy bear and daddy bear both have beds upstairs, you can sleep in 1 of those."

once inside, goldylocks made rowan some porridge and continued to question her.

" does your family know you are out?" goldylocks asked

" yea," rowan sighed. " well my aunt does. she was coming to find me before I found the cottage. but i'm here now, i'm ready for adventure."

Chapter 4: the legend of the waterfall
(by emily, added on 2 January 2018 06:24 PM)

" their is somewhere you could go for adventure," said goldylocks, " the waterfall"

" the waterfall?" asked rowan. " what's so exciting about a waterfall?."

goldylocks sat back in her chair and started to talk softly.

" legend has it that these woods contain a magic waterfall. a little bit like the faraway tree if you've ever heard of that. each day, when you swim over the waterfall, you'll find yourself at some random land. it's diffrent every time."

" do you know where it is?" asked rowan.

" I don't." said goldylocks. "no one's ever found it before."

" so how do you know if it actually exists?" asked rowan.

goldylocks smiled. " we don't. that's what makes it a legend."

" you need to come with me to find this waterfall" rowan said. " just me, you, and nature. it will be fun."

goldylocks frowned. " I don't believe in silly legends, anyway i'm old. I can't leave this house, I won't get far."

" but you told me about the legend. you must believe in it just a tiny bit?"

"well," said goldylocks, " it's impossible. a magic waterfall in these woods?. what a stupid idea."

"and how would I get around" she aded, looking down at her frajile legs.

"if I was to find you something to help you get around, will you come with me?" asked rowan

before she could get an answer, she had left the cottage in search of something to help her friend.

goldylocks sat at her house wondering if rowan was coming back, and where she even went in the first place.

Chapter 5: a royal way to travel
(by emily, added on 3 January 2018 10:36 AM)

" just nature and me, the place I want to be, walking through the woods looking for help for my friend," she stopped and sighed. " that's not me being creative at all," she said. " that's just me copying old jack's boat."

she kept walking while thinking about her childhood, and how, indeed, she did like old jack's boat as a kid.

listening to an old fisherman tell stories about himself and a dog seemed to bring comfort, and rowan missed those days

" hi" said a voice from a nearby tree. " is someone their?"

rrowan stopped walking and jolted to attention

" is someone their?" she asked. " yes, I'm rowan. just going on a walk, don't mind me."

the voice responded " I'm betty bumblebee, nice to meet you."

" a talking bumblebee?" rowan asked aloud. " really?"

" oh yes," said betty. " I got my ability to talk from the land of a thousand voices, just across rainbow falls."

rowan repeated " rainbow falls" aloud a couple of times

" it's a magic waterfall," continued betty. " their is always a new land their, every day it is something diffrent."

rowan grinned. it did exist after all. goldylocks legend was true.

" will you take me?" asked rowan, " I want to see it myself."

" follow me," said betty be, and off they went in search of rainbow falls.

when they arived at rainbow falls, rowan noticed a man sitting on a rock

he was mumbling something about colored rocks.

" of these rocks, thousands be, to cross these falls, give red to me."

" this is where I leave you," said betty, and before rowan could thank her, she had flown off back to her hive.

rowan didn't waste any time. she bent down looking for a red rock to give to the strange man.

she found one, and gave it to him.

at once, the man waved a magic stick, and rowan was in the waterfall. not just in the waterfall either, dressed for the ocasion too, with even a wooden plank to help her float across.

" well done child, you did well. where the water will take you, who can tell" said the man, as he grinned an excited grin.

rowan continued to make her way over the waterfall, until she came out in to what looked like a courtyard.

" welcome!" came a voice, and before rowan knew it a horse had rode up beside her, an elderly man holding on to it's saddle.

" I am oliver," said oliver. " and this is my horse, sir henry."

"welcome to the castle. can I ask who you are?."

" rowan," said rowan " I'm rowan. I was taking a walk through the woods, and well, ended up here."
" you swam through a magic waterfall?" asked oliver.

" um, yes. yes I did,." said rowan. " how do you know?"

oliver smiled.

" for years people have entered our land via rainbow falls, that water has magic power."

" wait, wait!" said rowan. " wait a second. goldylocks told me"

oliver interupted her.

" goldylocks?" oliver asked. " how is she?"

" you know her?" rowan asked. " she's good, but she's quite old now and she can't leave the house. but anyway, she told me that every day when you go through rainbow falls, their is a diffrent land."

" their is," said oliver. " up to a point. the waterfall may have a new surprise every day, but sometimes it's somewhere you've all ready been. you know, nothing's ever limitless, and that includes waterfall magic." he grinned.

" anyway," he said. " you must take my horse. ride it back to your world and get goldylocks to come and visit me."

" but won't you be lonely without your horse?" asked rowan

" me?. lonely?" oliver laughed, tapped his fingers, and a second, even larger horse came in to view. " you take care now," he says, " and tell goldylocks I said hi!"

" I hope to see you again" rowan said, as she climed on the horse and told it to ride towards the waterfall

she was just thinking about the dangers of hhorses crossing waterfalls, when the waterfall caught rowan and the horse, sailed them both across- and she found herself unharmed, back in the woods where she started.

" I must tell goldylocks I found it," she said. " I must tell her it's real."

she raced back to the little cottage and knocked.

when goldylocks opened the door and saw her riding a horse, she looked shocked.

" where did you get the horse?" she asked in astonishment.

" it's real!" rowan cried. " the waterfall is real!"

" you silly little girl," said goldylocks. " it's a story. only someone gullible would fall for such nonsense."

" oliver says hi," rowan aded

at the mention of oliver, goldylocks grew silent

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