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Chapter 3: goldylocks and the abandoned cottage
(by emily, added on 25 April 2017 12:29 PM)

soon rowan came to a cottage

she looked at where she was

she was right on the edge of the woods

" it's the cottage at the edge of the woods," she said. " I wonder if anyone lives here?."

she knocked on the door.

" come in," said an old frail voice from inside

rowan entered and shut the door

" who are you?" she asked, " and why are you living in a cottage at the edge of a woods."

"i'm goldylocks. " said goldylocks. "yes," she aded, " the 1 from the fairytale. the 1 with the 3 bears?."

" so where are the bears," rowan wondered around.

" oh, the bears" said goldylocks. " they are dead. they were walking back home 1 afternoon after a nice walk, and who should they meet but the 7 dwarves coming back from a day at the mines. anyway, they were walking home together, when they came across a group of hunters. the hunters aimed their guns at the bears, 1 hunter for each bear. at that moment, dopy shouted fire!. I guess it was an effert to distract the hunters, but well, you and I know that fire is another word for shoot, and well... the rest is history."

rowan laughed.

" so the bears are dead because of 1 dwarf?. wow that's... funny!. best laugh i've had all day. if you know the bears are dead though, why don't you just move back to your own house?"
" how could I?" said goldylocks. " baby bear's bed is so nice and soft, and all the poridge is so sweet!. I love it here, it's really homely."

"what about you," she aded. " what are you doing at the edge of the woods."

" in search of adventure I suppose," said rowan. " i'm bored at home with nothing to do, I thought i'd come to the woods, see what I can find."

"well," goldylocks said, " you're welcome to share this house with me, mummy bear and daddy bear both have beds upstairs, you can sleep in 1 of those."

once inside, goldylocks made rowan some porridge and continued to question her.

" does your family know you are out?" goldylocks asked

" yea," rowan sighed. " well my aunt does. she was coming to find me before I found the cottage. but i'm here now, i'm ready for adventure."

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