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Chapter 2: the deep dark woods
(by emily, added on 27 February 2017 01:01 PM)

the woods were dark.

it was cold as well, very cold. leaves were all over the ground, and still more were blowing off nearby trees.

rowan didn't care though. she she walked through the woods, all she could think about was how brave she was.

how that in just a few short minits, she'd gone from a teenage girl, to a survival expert.

"I am going to be just as brave as bear gryls," she said to herself.

she needed to find somewhere to sleep.

a tree?. no, she couldn't really climb trees.

last time she'd climbed a tree the branch broke, and she fell to the floor below breaking her leg

the floor?

no, it was too leafy and cold.

rowan thought. what would bear do if he was here, stranded in the woods on a cold dark night.

rowan loved survival shows.

at home, she had the discovery channel.

they had all kinds of survival shows on discovery channel, rowan loved them all. now she was starring in her very own show. she knew she could be just as brave as any of the presenters.

"rowan, rowan!". she stopped dead in her tracks.

her aunt was calling her.

she must have woken up, and discovered she had gone.

she knew to check the woods. rowan was always in the woods, playing with her friends, lighting fires, or just enjoying a walk.

she didn't quite know what to do, but she decided to keep walking in the oppositte direction.

anyway, her aunt was old. it would take her ages to catch up to her, even if rowan walked at a slow pace

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