The Wheel

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Chapter 1: Beginning.
(by Meowzer Sassafras, added on 8 February 2017 10:08 PM)

Rowan sat on the doorstep, contemplating what to do today. She tapped her fingers absently on the cold stone, thinking.
Nothing was the same after her parents had been abducted. Her aunt Ezmerelda, who had been sent to take care of her, had slipped into a state of paranoia, and wouldn't let her go far away from home. She yearned for adventure, adventure of any kind.
Coming to a decision, she sighed, and stood up. She walked quietly into the house, her aunt was in her room. She could sneak out quickly, if she was quiet.
Rowan took some food and a jug of water from the kitchen and put them into a hiking backpack, as well as a sweater and extra socks, a compass, and other necessary traveling things, and, slipping the backpack over her shoulders, dashed out of the door, thrugh the yard, and into the woods.

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