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Chapter 4: the legend of the waterfall
(by emily, added on 2 January 2018 06:24 PM)

" their is somewhere you could go for adventure," said goldylocks, " the waterfall"

" the waterfall?" asked rowan. " what's so exciting about a waterfall?."

goldylocks sat back in her chair and started to talk softly.

" legend has it that these woods contain a magic waterfall. a little bit like the faraway tree if you've ever heard of that. each day, when you swim over the waterfall, you'll find yourself at some random land. it's diffrent every time."

" do you know where it is?" asked rowan.

" I don't." said goldylocks. "no one's ever found it before."

" so how do you know if it actually exists?" asked rowan.

goldylocks smiled. " we don't. that's what makes it a legend."

" you need to come with me to find this waterfall" rowan said. " just me, you, and nature. it will be fun."

goldylocks frowned. " I don't believe in silly legends, anyway i'm old. I can't leave this house, I won't get far."

" but you told me about the legend. you must believe in it just a tiny bit?"

"well," said goldylocks, " it's impossible. a magic waterfall in these woods?. what a stupid idea."

"and how would I get around" she aded, looking down at her frajile legs.

"if I was to find you something to help you get around, will you come with me?" asked rowan

before she could get an answer, she had left the cottage in search of something to help her friend.

goldylocks sat at her house wondering if rowan was coming back, and where she even went in the first place.

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