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Chapter 1: old age
(by emily, added on 21 January 2017 05:35 PM)

margo, as you may remember, is a blind girl from america.

years ago, when she was younger, she attended blind alley.

an island for the blind run by andrew.

but of course, a storm came, forcing people to evacuate the island, and despite various attempts to relaunch the project, it had failed.

margo was now in her 60's and she was living in an apartment complex

she was doing pretty well for herself, though naturally she didn't get out much anymore.

her dog, garf, had long since departed the earth, and now her new labrador, snowy sat by her side.

her apartment was simple. it was small, but she had everything she needed

once a week, margo was visited by angela, who would help her clean the apartment, and get groceries

she was happy in the apartment

1 day, while she was doing a crossword, her phone rang

when she picked it up, a voice she didn't recognize asked, " are you margo?"

"yes, I am. who are you?".

" i'm luke. do you remember about 30 years ago a place called blind alley?"

margo did remember blind alley. she had fond memories of blind alley, in fact she even remembered most of cthe people who worked their.

"I do remember it," she said. " what about it?"

"well," began luke, " we're pleased to announce, that it's reopening this summer."

" but arn't I a bit too old for that place now?. i'm 63"

" oh no not at all. you see, andrew who ran the project has retired now. he wanted it to be for all age groups but I on the other hand, think it would be a nice retreat for the elderly, and so...."

" and so?" asked margo

"and so," luke said. " I am offering you a place this summer. what do you say?"

margo loved her apartment, and she loved angela.

but she also loved blind alley, and she loved how accessible everything was.

" i'll have to think about it," she said

luke gave her a number and told her that when she had decided, to phone and ask for him

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