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Chapter 7: the midnight feast
(by emily, added on 1 February 2017 04:33 PM)

"that was amazing," charlotte told kate. "that was absolutely amazing"

kate wasn't really listening to charlotte, in sted she was looking at the clock on her bedroom wall

"it's 10 to midnight," kate finally said. " a ssleep over isn't a sleep over without a midnight feast, so that is what we'll do next. we'll use my computer to get the food."

"another adventure?" charlotte asked

"not quite," kate smiled as she activated the internet.

she knew what foods charlotte liked, hell, she'd been friends with charlotte long enough to know these things.

presently, the cd rom drive on kate's computer (which looked more like an oven door) opened.

she withdrew everything they could possibly want for a midnight feast, sausage rolls, crisps, chicken on sticks, even some garlic bread

"that's amazing," said charlotte, staring in wonder at all the food

"you can eat it," said kate. " it tastes just as good as it would do if it was cooked in the kitchen downstairs."

charlotte and kate had a great midnight feast

afterwards, they both settled down in bed to sleep

kate in her regular bed, charlotte sleeping on a matress on the floor.

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