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Chapter 6: the audition
(by emily, added on 21 January 2017 11:04 AM)

both kate and charlotte were sucked through the screen, and they found them selves standing in a long line.

everyone in the line was excited, and everyone looked really well dressed.

" where are we?" charlotte asked.

kate didn't answer, in sted she started singing with the crowd.

" cmon kate, where are we" charlotte really wanted to know

" we're at the X factor auditions" said kate.

"but it is a video game, right?" charlotte asked. " we couldn't possibly be at the real..."
" kate grinned. " the real X factor auditions?. don't be silly charlotte, of course this is only a game."

they got to the front of the linem and simon cowell was standing their.

" what are your names?" asked simon cowell

" my name is kate, and this is my best friend charlotte" kate told him.

simon led them through a door and on to a stage.

" who's singing first?" simon asked the girls

they decided to sing together. they called themselves pretty in pink.

after singing demi lovato's give your heart a break, and meley cyrus's, can't be tamed, simon told them to stop

he turned to the other judges who all had smiles on their faces

" it's a yes from me,"

" and me"

" and me,

" and it's a yes from me," said simon. " you are through to the next round, congratulations!".

charlotte, who couldn't actually believe she was standing facing simon cowell, and had actually manage to please him with her singing, almost fell off the stage in shock

but kate caught her

" wo charlotte" she said. " you nearly fell down the stairs".

back outside, charlotte asked kate what other things her magic computer could do

" oh well," said kate. "quite a lot of stuff, if you want to find out, we need to go back though".

" and how do we go back?" charlotte asked

" we clap our hands" said kate. " it's that simple."

they both clapped their hands, and found themselves, once again, in kate's room, staring at the black computer screen.

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