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Chapter 2: eagle road
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 07:35 PM)

kate's school, eagle road, was located about 45 minits from her house

she took the bust their, the number 22 that left from outside her house at 8 15.

today was no exception. kate, lunch in hand, stood at the bus station waiting.

the bus arrived, and kate climbed aboard

most of kate's school friends took the bus too.

kate spotted charlotte walker and went to sit next to her

"did you have a nice weekend?" charlotte asked

" yep, I did." said kate, " but i'm glad it's monday again. i've missed my friends."

"I went to see peter pan in the theater over the weekend" said charlotte. " it was fun. I liked the music."

"did you have good seats?" asked kate.

" we did," said charlotte. "sat at the front with a clear view of the stage."

the bus pulled in to eagle road, and their was a hurry to get off and in to school in time for class.

kate and charlotte did not attend the same class, so they said goodbye at the gate and went their own way

kate's teacher, miss white, sat at her desk.

" right," she said, after all the class had entered and taken their place. " history.. henry the 8th. who can tell me how many wives henry the 8th had?".

kate grroaned. she hated history, and she knew nothing about henry the 8th, nothing at all

"kate," said miss white. " what about you tell us."

" 4?" kate was at least giving it a go

" no, a few more than that," said miss white. "anyone else?"

"he had 6." said mary. " 6 wives."

"very good", said miss white. "now does anyone know their names?."

the bell rang for break. " ah well, " said miss white. " that's your homework... give me the names of his wives."

most of the children ran out to play happily

kate, on the other hand, walked out head hung low.

she knew nothing about henry the 8th and his wives

in the playground she met charlotte.

charlotte was on the swings.

"hey kate," she called. " good first lesson?".

"it was history," kate said. " not really."

charlotte coughed. "I had math, and that was not much fun either. algebra is so annoying."

"I know right?, " said kate. " algebra is annoying".

kate's next lesson was english which she honestly didn't mind.
then she had science, geography, and religious studdies

the bus came to take the children home, and they all boarded in record time.

kate sat next to charlotte again

she liked sitting next to charlotte, talking to her made the journey go faster

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