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Chapter 1: kate's bedroom
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 10:22 AM)

meet kate
kate is 9 years old, and she lives with her mother and father, and her pet hamster fluffy

kate's bedroom is located on the second floor of their house

their's nothing unusual about kate's bedroom, or at least, you wouldn't know it.

kate, like many other girls her age, loved things like princesses, disney, glittery things and pink.

she had decorated her room, with her mother's help, and it looked beautiful.

like any other girly room in the world

kate had, what anyone else would have in their room.

she had a bed, she had a wardrobe, she had a sterrio

she had her hamster cage in 1 corner, she had lots of fluffy teddybears.

she also had a computer which she loved.

she wrote her homework on her computer, she played games on her computer, but more importantly, she searched the internet with her computer

kate's computer was rather magic

when ever she searched for something online, she would be sucked in to the screen to join the adventure.

so, if kate searched for dinosaurs, she would be sucked in to prehistoric england, and see dinosaurs everywhere.

or if kate searched for the amazon rainforest, she'd find herself their

kate went to school at eagle road. she loved eagle road, she had so many friends their.

she loved her teachers too, and what's more, kate had top marks in a lot of her classes.

kate wasn't exactly the most inteligent girl in the world, but kate had her computer. her magic computer, which could transport her anywhere she wanted.

none of her school friends, or indeed her teachers, knew about the computer. they all just thought kate was naturally gifted

her best friend in the entire school was charlote walker, and not even she knew about the magic computer.

Chapter 2: eagle road
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 07:35 PM)

kate's school, eagle road, was located about 45 minits from her house

she took the bust their, the number 22 that left from outside her house at 8 15.

today was no exception. kate, lunch in hand, stood at the bus station waiting.

the bus arrived, and kate climbed aboard

most of kate's school friends took the bus too.

kate spotted charlotte walker and went to sit next to her

"did you have a nice weekend?" charlotte asked

" yep, I did." said kate, " but i'm glad it's monday again. i've missed my friends."

"I went to see peter pan in the theater over the weekend" said charlotte. " it was fun. I liked the music."

"did you have good seats?" asked kate.

" we did," said charlotte. "sat at the front with a clear view of the stage."

the bus pulled in to eagle road, and their was a hurry to get off and in to school in time for class.

kate and charlotte did not attend the same class, so they said goodbye at the gate and went their own way

kate's teacher, miss white, sat at her desk.

" right," she said, after all the class had entered and taken their place. " history.. henry the 8th. who can tell me how many wives henry the 8th had?".

kate grroaned. she hated history, and she knew nothing about henry the 8th, nothing at all

"kate," said miss white. " what about you tell us."

" 4?" kate was at least giving it a go

" no, a few more than that," said miss white. "anyone else?"

"he had 6." said mary. " 6 wives."

"very good", said miss white. "now does anyone know their names?."

the bell rang for break. " ah well, " said miss white. " that's your homework... give me the names of his wives."

most of the children ran out to play happily

kate, on the other hand, walked out head hung low.

she knew nothing about henry the 8th and his wives

in the playground she met charlotte.

charlotte was on the swings.

"hey kate," she called. " good first lesson?".

"it was history," kate said. " not really."

charlotte coughed. "I had math, and that was not much fun either. algebra is so annoying."

"I know right?, " said kate. " algebra is annoying".

kate's next lesson was english which she honestly didn't mind.
then she had science, geography, and religious studdies

the bus came to take the children home, and they all boarded in record time.

kate sat next to charlotte again

she liked sitting next to charlotte, talking to her made the journey go faster

Chapter 3: an interactive history lesson
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 07:56 PM)

kate walked in to her house and her mother, mandy, asked her about her day.

" not bad," said kate. "I at least got to see charlotte."

kate's mom made her some dinner, and she ate it in silence.

"is everything okay?," said mandy. " you're quiet".

kate nodded. " everything's great, mom. everything's great."

after dinner, kate went upstairs to see about her homework.

she sat at her computer, switched it on, and clicked on the internet

when it asked her to type in a search string, kate typed

" how many wives did henry the 8th have?"

she pressed enter, and waited to see what would happen next.

she was sucked in through the screen, and ended up standing outside a castle.

the streets around her looked very dirty, and she was sure that the castle wouldn't be much better.

she entered the castle and walked up the stairs to a massive chamber.

inside the chamber sat an overweight man. he was so overweight, his throne was falling apart.

"can I help you?" boomed a voice

" where am I?" kate said, though she probably knew inside

" i'm henry the 8th," boomed the voice. " and you are?".

" um.... my name's kate," kate said.

" what can I do for you, young kate?" asked henry the 8th

" well, you could start by telling me about your wives" kate said. " I need to know about them for homeworkk, and well.. I don't really know anything about you."

henry started to explain about his 6 wives.

" and so," he concluded, " I finally settled down with kathrine par who bore me a child.".

" that's all so interesting", said kate. " but why 6 wives?"

henry snorted. " because," he said, " I'm not satisfied with 1 or 2. i'm greedy I suppose.".

he paused, then smiled. " and would you like to join me for dinner?".

"I better not." kate said. "I need to get back to my room."

" my room", said henry. " that sounds like an interesting place."

" hmm it is," said kate, " but sometimes it's nice to have a change of sceenery."

with that, kate clapped her hands, and she found herself back in her room.

she quickly wrote her homework, printed it off, and logged out.

"bed time" she thought. " and," she aded," I'm going to get an A from my teacher tomorrow, I think I did good."

Chapter 4: kate's birthday
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 08:44 PM)

the week progressed well.

kate did get an A on her history homework, and miss white was totally impressed.

charlotte was stunned.

" you told me you knew nothing about henry the 8th" she said.

" my mom had a book on him," lied kate. "I found out all I needed to know from that."

every day kate got homework, every night, kate would use her computer to find the answer, and the next day kate would get top marks

the weekend came, and kate walked in the door all excited.

" mandy!" she squealed and put her arms around her mother. " tomorrow is my birthday!, and I know what I want to do."

"what's that?" mandy asked

" I want to go to the history museum", said kate. "I want to learn more about history."

mandy looked shocked. "but you don't even like history, you've never liked history. I was thinking we could all have a pizza. charlotte could come round for a sleep over, and...."

"the museum, mom" kate insisted

"very well," sighed mandy. "I suppose you better go and check the prices."

upstairs in her room, kate typed in to her computer- local history museum prices and pressed enter.

she waited, and as if by magic, she was sucked up in to the screen, and dropped, inches from the museum's entrance.

" this is what I wanted," thought kate, as she entered the museum.

their were loads of things to look at in the museum. kate found herself wondering around learning all kinds of stuff.

suddenly, a viking warrior statue broke free of it's stand, and came crashing towards kate.

despite her best efferts, kate couldn't outrun the statue, and soon she found herself inside the statue, holding a sword

"we'll fight to the death", roard 1 of the vikings

kate shook her head. her?. fighting?. never

"I can't fight," kate said. "i've never even held a sword..."

but she was interupted by the sounds of the other vikings drawing their swords.

she drew her sword, and actually did rather well for a female warrior

enimies went down left right and centre

the fight ended, and kate was exhausted.

"can I please go now?", she said

she broke free of the viking's realm, and headed towards the next room

an egyptian mummy, the size of egypt itself, caught up to kate and started wrapping her up

the mummy wrapped, and wrapped and wrapped, until kate wasn't a girl at all- rather she was rolling around the museum like a great big football

rolling in to the next room, kate found what seemed to be a statue of the hydra.

unable to talk, or unable to think, kate rolled up to the hydra statue

the hydra came alive, and gripped kate's kneck. it pulled her under the water, making her gasp for air

before she could resurface, she found herself in her room again, looking at a black computer screen.

"kate?" shouted mandy. "did you find the prices out for the museum?"

kate got up from her chair and went to join mandy in the kitchen.

"I just went to the museum," she said. "i don't need to go again so soon."

"what do you mean, you just went."said mandy.

"I did, "said kate. "all the statues came alive. I took part in a viking battle, got wrapped by a mummy, and drowned by a hydra."

mandy just stared at her.

"it's true, it is. the things in that museum are alive. let's just have that pizza and i'll invite charlotte to join us."

mandy smiled.

"well kate," she said, " it is your birthday, and if that's what you want.."

"it is, "said kate. "it really is."

Chapter 5: charlotte's visit
(by emily, added on 21 January 2017 10:44 AM)

saturday came.

kate woke up early, went downstaris and called charlotte's number.

" happy birthday kate!" exclaimed charlotte when she answered. " what are you doing for your special day?" she asked

" would you like to come over?" asked kate. "I was thinking of having a pizza, a movie night, and then a sleep over in my room."

"sounds nice," charlotte said. "but I'll need to ask my mom first. I am not sure if she wants me for anything today."

" okay, see you later charlotte." kate put down the phone

" happy birthday!" came a voice behind her.

turning, kate found herself facing mandy.

" I heard you on the phone to charlotte. I hope she can come, it will be nice, just the 3 of us."

kate grinned. "I all ready know what pizza I want," she said. "I'll just need to ask charlotte when she comes later."

kate opened her presents next.

she got a lovely pink dress, some sparkly earings, a new bedroom mirror and some shoes.

" these gifts are lovely!" she said hugging her mom

"I'm so glad you like them," said mandy. " am I doing you a birthday breakfast of bacon and eggs?".

the day passed. kate ate her breakfast, then she got a dozen phonecalls from her friends all wishing her a happy birthday

at 1 15 PM, the door bell rang, and it was the postman with a birthday card from the headmaster of eagle road.

it was a lovely birthday

at 5 PM, the doorbell went again, and this time it was charlotte walker

she came in and hugged kate, then gave her a present and a card

the present was a beautiful vase holding a dozen roses, and the card had red roses all along it too.

" you must love flowers, charlotte." mandy said.

she then turned her attention to the pizza menu

" what pizzas are you all having?. kate, I know what you're having, but charlotte?"

"hmm," charlotte pondered the question. " maybe i'll have the Hawaiian".

mandy rang the pizza shop, and got the pizzas ordered

kate took charlotte upstairs while they waited

charlotte loved kate's room, she sat on the bed and gazed around in wonder.

kate went over to the sterrio and put on a cd by 1 direction, then sat with charlotte on the bed

" this is so fun!" charlotte giggled. " my first sleepover with my best friend kate."

kate smiled at charlotte. " it is," she said. " i'm actually excited too."

the pizzas arrived, and they went downstairs to eat them

afterwards, they went back to kate's room and put on the princess diaries.

they both sat on the bed, watching the movie

they were so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop

suddenly, the dvd player started to sputter, and the screen went all fuzzy.

kate stood up, and walked over to the dvd player and pressed eject.

when she got the dvd out, she looked at it and frowned

charlotte, who had been watching the movie looked at kate

" what's wrong?" she asked

kate frowned again. "I don't think this dvd is going to be playable to the end... it has such a deep scratch on it". she showed charlotte.

" we could easily find something else to watch, " kate finally said.

charlotte gave the dvd back to kate as she said, " actually kate, i'm falling asleep here, can we do something that isn't watching a movie?"

" well," said kate, grinning, "what do you have in mind?"

charlotte thought about it

" do you have any video games?" she said.

kate tgrinned. " not in this room, but I know where to find some."

" know where to find some?" charlotte asked.

" sure. what sort of game do you want to play?"

" oh well, what about auditioning for a tallent show," said charlotte. " a singing game where we have microphones and backing tracks and pretty clothes."

"I have something to show you," kate said.

she walked across to her computer.

" a computer?" said charlotte. "I have a computer at home".

"this is a magic computer," said kate, turning it on

charlotte laughed. " a magic computer?" she asked

" sure" said kate. " tell me charlotte, do you like the X factor?"

"yeah, I do. but I don't see what that has to do with..."

" shut up a minit" said kate

she told charlotte to stand next to her which she did

kate accessed the internet, and typed in... X factor auditionn

soon enough, both girls were on their way to their next adventure.

Chapter 6: the audition
(by emily, added on 21 January 2017 11:04 AM)

both kate and charlotte were sucked through the screen, and they found them selves standing in a long line.

everyone in the line was excited, and everyone looked really well dressed.

" where are we?" charlotte asked.

kate didn't answer, in sted she started singing with the crowd.

" cmon kate, where are we" charlotte really wanted to know

" we're at the X factor auditions" said kate.

"but it is a video game, right?" charlotte asked. " we couldn't possibly be at the real..."
" kate grinned. " the real X factor auditions?. don't be silly charlotte, of course this is only a game."

they got to the front of the linem and simon cowell was standing their.

" what are your names?" asked simon cowell

" my name is kate, and this is my best friend charlotte" kate told him.

simon led them through a door and on to a stage.

" who's singing first?" simon asked the girls

they decided to sing together. they called themselves pretty in pink.

after singing demi lovato's give your heart a break, and meley cyrus's, can't be tamed, simon told them to stop

he turned to the other judges who all had smiles on their faces

" it's a yes from me,"

" and me"

" and me,

" and it's a yes from me," said simon. " you are through to the next round, congratulations!".

charlotte, who couldn't actually believe she was standing facing simon cowell, and had actually manage to please him with her singing, almost fell off the stage in shock

but kate caught her

" wo charlotte" she said. " you nearly fell down the stairs".

back outside, charlotte asked kate what other things her magic computer could do

" oh well," said kate. "quite a lot of stuff, if you want to find out, we need to go back though".

" and how do we go back?" charlotte asked

" we clap our hands" said kate. " it's that simple."

they both clapped their hands, and found themselves, once again, in kate's room, staring at the black computer screen.

Chapter 7: the midnight feast
(by emily, added on 1 February 2017 04:33 PM)

"that was amazing," charlotte told kate. "that was absolutely amazing"

kate wasn't really listening to charlotte, in sted she was looking at the clock on her bedroom wall

"it's 10 to midnight," kate finally said. " a ssleep over isn't a sleep over without a midnight feast, so that is what we'll do next. we'll use my computer to get the food."

"another adventure?" charlotte asked

"not quite," kate smiled as she activated the internet.

she knew what foods charlotte liked, hell, she'd been friends with charlotte long enough to know these things.

presently, the cd rom drive on kate's computer (which looked more like an oven door) opened.

she withdrew everything they could possibly want for a midnight feast, sausage rolls, crisps, chicken on sticks, even some garlic bread

"that's amazing," said charlotte, staring in wonder at all the food

"you can eat it," said kate. " it tastes just as good as it would do if it was cooked in the kitchen downstairs."

charlotte and kate had a great midnight feast

afterwards, they both settled down in bed to sleep

kate in her regular bed, charlotte sleeping on a matress on the floor.

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