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Chapter 5: charlotte's visit
(by emily, added on 21 January 2017 10:44 AM)

saturday came.

kate woke up early, went downstaris and called charlotte's number.

" happy birthday kate!" exclaimed charlotte when she answered. " what are you doing for your special day?" she asked

" would you like to come over?" asked kate. "I was thinking of having a pizza, a movie night, and then a sleep over in my room."

"sounds nice," charlotte said. "but I'll need to ask my mom first. I am not sure if she wants me for anything today."

" okay, see you later charlotte." kate put down the phone

" happy birthday!" came a voice behind her.

turning, kate found herself facing mandy.

" I heard you on the phone to charlotte. I hope she can come, it will be nice, just the 3 of us."

kate grinned. "I all ready know what pizza I want," she said. "I'll just need to ask charlotte when she comes later."

kate opened her presents next.

she got a lovely pink dress, some sparkly earings, a new bedroom mirror and some shoes.

" these gifts are lovely!" she said hugging her mom

"I'm so glad you like them," said mandy. " am I doing you a birthday breakfast of bacon and eggs?".

the day passed. kate ate her breakfast, then she got a dozen phonecalls from her friends all wishing her a happy birthday

at 1 15 PM, the door bell rang, and it was the postman with a birthday card from the headmaster of eagle road.

it was a lovely birthday

at 5 PM, the doorbell went again, and this time it was charlotte walker

she came in and hugged kate, then gave her a present and a card

the present was a beautiful vase holding a dozen roses, and the card had red roses all along it too.

" you must love flowers, charlotte." mandy said.

she then turned her attention to the pizza menu

" what pizzas are you all having?. kate, I know what you're having, but charlotte?"

"hmm," charlotte pondered the question. " maybe i'll have the Hawaiian".

mandy rang the pizza shop, and got the pizzas ordered

kate took charlotte upstairs while they waited

charlotte loved kate's room, she sat on the bed and gazed around in wonder.

kate went over to the sterrio and put on a cd by 1 direction, then sat with charlotte on the bed

" this is so fun!" charlotte giggled. " my first sleepover with my best friend kate."

kate smiled at charlotte. " it is," she said. " i'm actually excited too."

the pizzas arrived, and they went downstairs to eat them

afterwards, they went back to kate's room and put on the princess diaries.

they both sat on the bed, watching the movie

they were so quiet, you could have heard a pin drop

suddenly, the dvd player started to sputter, and the screen went all fuzzy.

kate stood up, and walked over to the dvd player and pressed eject.

when she got the dvd out, she looked at it and frowned

charlotte, who had been watching the movie looked at kate

" what's wrong?" she asked

kate frowned again. "I don't think this dvd is going to be playable to the end... it has such a deep scratch on it". she showed charlotte.

" we could easily find something else to watch, " kate finally said.

charlotte gave the dvd back to kate as she said, " actually kate, i'm falling asleep here, can we do something that isn't watching a movie?"

" well," said kate, grinning, "what do you have in mind?"

charlotte thought about it

" do you have any video games?" she said.

kate tgrinned. " not in this room, but I know where to find some."

" know where to find some?" charlotte asked.

" sure. what sort of game do you want to play?"

" oh well, what about auditioning for a tallent show," said charlotte. " a singing game where we have microphones and backing tracks and pretty clothes."

"I have something to show you," kate said.

she walked across to her computer.

" a computer?" said charlotte. "I have a computer at home".

"this is a magic computer," said kate, turning it on

charlotte laughed. " a magic computer?" she asked

" sure" said kate. " tell me charlotte, do you like the X factor?"

"yeah, I do. but I don't see what that has to do with..."

" shut up a minit" said kate

she told charlotte to stand next to her which she did

kate accessed the internet, and typed in... X factor auditionn

soon enough, both girls were on their way to their next adventure.

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