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Chapter 4: kate's birthday
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 08:44 PM)

the week progressed well.

kate did get an A on her history homework, and miss white was totally impressed.

charlotte was stunned.

" you told me you knew nothing about henry the 8th" she said.

" my mom had a book on him," lied kate. "I found out all I needed to know from that."

every day kate got homework, every night, kate would use her computer to find the answer, and the next day kate would get top marks

the weekend came, and kate walked in the door all excited.

" mandy!" she squealed and put her arms around her mother. " tomorrow is my birthday!, and I know what I want to do."

"what's that?" mandy asked

" I want to go to the history museum", said kate. "I want to learn more about history."

mandy looked shocked. "but you don't even like history, you've never liked history. I was thinking we could all have a pizza. charlotte could come round for a sleep over, and...."

"the museum, mom" kate insisted

"very well," sighed mandy. "I suppose you better go and check the prices."

upstairs in her room, kate typed in to her computer- local history museum prices and pressed enter.

she waited, and as if by magic, she was sucked up in to the screen, and dropped, inches from the museum's entrance.

" this is what I wanted," thought kate, as she entered the museum.

their were loads of things to look at in the museum. kate found herself wondering around learning all kinds of stuff.

suddenly, a viking warrior statue broke free of it's stand, and came crashing towards kate.

despite her best efferts, kate couldn't outrun the statue, and soon she found herself inside the statue, holding a sword

"we'll fight to the death", roard 1 of the vikings

kate shook her head. her?. fighting?. never

"I can't fight," kate said. "i've never even held a sword..."

but she was interupted by the sounds of the other vikings drawing their swords.

she drew her sword, and actually did rather well for a female warrior

enimies went down left right and centre

the fight ended, and kate was exhausted.

"can I please go now?", she said

she broke free of the viking's realm, and headed towards the next room

an egyptian mummy, the size of egypt itself, caught up to kate and started wrapping her up

the mummy wrapped, and wrapped and wrapped, until kate wasn't a girl at all- rather she was rolling around the museum like a great big football

rolling in to the next room, kate found what seemed to be a statue of the hydra.

unable to talk, or unable to think, kate rolled up to the hydra statue

the hydra came alive, and gripped kate's kneck. it pulled her under the water, making her gasp for air

before she could resurface, she found herself in her room again, looking at a black computer screen.

"kate?" shouted mandy. "did you find the prices out for the museum?"

kate got up from her chair and went to join mandy in the kitchen.

"I just went to the museum," she said. "i don't need to go again so soon."

"what do you mean, you just went."said mandy.

"I did, "said kate. "all the statues came alive. I took part in a viking battle, got wrapped by a mummy, and drowned by a hydra."

mandy just stared at her.

"it's true, it is. the things in that museum are alive. let's just have that pizza and i'll invite charlotte to join us."

mandy smiled.

"well kate," she said, " it is your birthday, and if that's what you want.."

"it is, "said kate. "it really is."

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