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Chapter 1: kate's bedroom
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 10:22 AM)

meet kate
kate is 9 years old, and she lives with her mother and father, and her pet hamster fluffy

kate's bedroom is located on the second floor of their house

their's nothing unusual about kate's bedroom, or at least, you wouldn't know it.

kate, like many other girls her age, loved things like princesses, disney, glittery things and pink.

she had decorated her room, with her mother's help, and it looked beautiful.

like any other girly room in the world

kate had, what anyone else would have in their room.

she had a bed, she had a wardrobe, she had a sterrio

she had her hamster cage in 1 corner, she had lots of fluffy teddybears.

she also had a computer which she loved.

she wrote her homework on her computer, she played games on her computer, but more importantly, she searched the internet with her computer

kate's computer was rather magic

when ever she searched for something online, she would be sucked in to the screen to join the adventure.

so, if kate searched for dinosaurs, she would be sucked in to prehistoric england, and see dinosaurs everywhere.

or if kate searched for the amazon rainforest, she'd find herself their

kate went to school at eagle road. she loved eagle road, she had so many friends their.

she loved her teachers too, and what's more, kate had top marks in a lot of her classes.

kate wasn't exactly the most inteligent girl in the world, but kate had her computer. her magic computer, which could transport her anywhere she wanted.

none of her school friends, or indeed her teachers, knew about the computer. they all just thought kate was naturally gifted

her best friend in the entire school was charlote walker, and not even she knew about the magic computer.

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