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Chapter 3: an interactive history lesson
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 07:56 PM)

kate walked in to her house and her mother, mandy, asked her about her day.

" not bad," said kate. "I at least got to see charlotte."

kate's mom made her some dinner, and she ate it in silence.

"is everything okay?," said mandy. " you're quiet".

kate nodded. " everything's great, mom. everything's great."

after dinner, kate went upstairs to see about her homework.

she sat at her computer, switched it on, and clicked on the internet

when it asked her to type in a search string, kate typed

" how many wives did henry the 8th have?"

she pressed enter, and waited to see what would happen next.

she was sucked in through the screen, and ended up standing outside a castle.

the streets around her looked very dirty, and she was sure that the castle wouldn't be much better.

she entered the castle and walked up the stairs to a massive chamber.

inside the chamber sat an overweight man. he was so overweight, his throne was falling apart.

"can I help you?" boomed a voice

" where am I?" kate said, though she probably knew inside

" i'm henry the 8th," boomed the voice. " and you are?".

" um.... my name's kate," kate said.

" what can I do for you, young kate?" asked henry the 8th

" well, you could start by telling me about your wives" kate said. " I need to know about them for homeworkk, and well.. I don't really know anything about you."

henry started to explain about his 6 wives.

" and so," he concluded, " I finally settled down with kathrine par who bore me a child.".

" that's all so interesting", said kate. " but why 6 wives?"

henry snorted. " because," he said, " I'm not satisfied with 1 or 2. i'm greedy I suppose.".

he paused, then smiled. " and would you like to join me for dinner?".

"I better not." kate said. "I need to get back to my room."

" my room", said henry. " that sounds like an interesting place."

" hmm it is," said kate, " but sometimes it's nice to have a change of sceenery."

with that, kate clapped her hands, and she found herself back in her room.

she quickly wrote her homework, printed it off, and logged out.

"bed time" she thought. " and," she aded," I'm going to get an A from my teacher tomorrow, I think I did good."

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