A Quest for everlasting Life

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Chapter 1: Age 15
(by Nicholas Bennett, added on 13 December 2016 11:57 PM)

Oh man, I'm cold. I was locked in a house with no heat and no food. My family were at the bar drinking and doing open mike night. They locked me on the inside of a shack as I call it still to this day. It was a two bedroom house with an attic. There was no hot water either. I was wrapped up in a thin blanket on the floor of the house. and while my family were gone, I very gently eased the glass from the living room window and crawled out of the window. Oh, that drop that drop was so good I was releaved to be out of that house if only for a moment. I ran next door and called my friend Diane Moore and after I left for home again, my friend Floid came to bust the padlock on my door of the house. Smash went the lock. my friend just had a complete rotatercuff replacement that very week. After I left home, I went to Diane's house and got warm and I had a wonderful dinner. It was wonderful to shower again. I thought I was going to die if I would have stayed with my family. But being under age I was forced to go back home to my family and I thought just for a moment that God was real. I thought that he would allow me to leave home for good. I was wrong but I had a good feeling on the place where my heart is. I heard a little voice say to me "One day my son, One day, I will deliver you from the hand of evil." And when I turned 18, my mom kicked me out of the house. And again I thout okay God wear are you? He said to me that It was time to make it on my own. But he'd be with me through my trials and struggles.
Now being 18 and blind in a huge world I was scared to go on. I was a firm believer in suicide. I attempted many times in my past. And I started taking pills drinking, and doing drugs. Now you might be asking yourself how does this relate to God? well dear reader, God was testing my faith and he never gives you anything you cant handle He knows at what amount you can take and he never leaves you.
I made the mistake my dear reader, I thought that God didn't love me and I thought that he threw me out just like my mom did. That was the night I tried hanging myself from a 2-story foot window. and God came to me again this time in a dream and spoke to me these words exactly. "I gave my son that you may live and have eternal life." (John 3-16.) Now after I woke I did a web search on that verse and the light shined through my darkness. I knew it, I just knew that God was there for and with me.

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