Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 9: brad and rose
(by emily, added on 22 April 2017 12:05 PM)

brad was well aware of the conversation rose had just had with frances, at this current moment, rose was in brad's bedroom. they were watching final destination on dvd

" that was great," said brad. " I like your style.".

"thanks "said roose, " I'm am a bit of an expert in scaring people."

she leaned across an gave brad a little kiss on the cheek.

" I have an idea," said brad grinning. " what if it's not just scaring?. what if we actually kill frances, out of game, in real life, then we can be together forever, and she wouldn't bother us.".

"really?, " said rose, " you would kill to be with me?"

" too right I would," said brad. " anyway frances has no job, she spends all day and all night on that dam game. what would anyone care if she wasn't here?."

rose sort of smiled, as she gave brad another kiss on the cheek.

"you're a geniusz," said rose. " I love you."

"I love you too," said brad, returning the kiss, and then turning off the movie. "ffrances lives in the same area as me," he continued. " it should be easy enough to find her, wouldn't you say, rose?".

"yes," said rose. "I think it would. we just have to come up with a plan."

brad scratched his head

"yeah, i'll have to work on that" he eventually admitted. "I'm not really sure frances is ready to meet me yet."

rose smiled again, but said nothing.

" you have a plan, rose?" asked brad, noticing her smile

"no," said rose. " i'm just thinking."

"rose!" called brad's mother, " time to go home. say goodbye to brad."

brad and rose shared a look, then rose ran downstairs, leaving brad once again in his room.

he thought about calling frances, to see how she was. he'd not rang her today, and he imagined that she'd be quite worried.

he knew he had to act normal, so that frances wouldn't get a clue to what was going on

reaching for his mobile, he turned it on, and dialed frances's number.

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