Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 7: the job centre
(by emily, added on 21 January 2017 11:26 AM)

next morning carol and joseph drove frances to the job centre

she sat in the back, her phone in her hand. she was thinking about last night's events and how best to approach it all with brad.

their was a long line of people at the job centre, and when it finally was their turn, joseph addressed the man behind the counter.

" my daughter frances is looking for a job," he said.

" whatt kind of job?" the man asked, " what you just said is a little vague."

" she likes computers," said joseph. " so maybe something like a technitian, or someone who teaches technology at a university."

the man looked through the listings

" we don't really have anything here," he said. " the closest we have is a company that is looking for someone to develop new video games for them."

" oh well, i'm not doing that" frances suddenly said. "I don't have any experience with video games, it would be pointless."

" you could learn," joseph saidd as he smiled at the man behind the desk

" so are you going to take it?" he asked

" I don't want to do it," said frances. " you can't make me work for a company that I have no interest in."

" actually I can," said joseph, and with that, he asked the man to contact the company about a possible interview.

frances stood their simmering

" my dad," she thought. " why can't he just live his life, and allow me to live mine?"

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