Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 6: brad's secret
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 07:09 PM)

once downstairs, joseph told her to sit at the kitchen table

across from her, she could see carol's face. it looked quite grim.

" it's brad we want to talk to you about," joseph began. " he's um, well, how can I say it, not telling you the entire truth."

" what do you mean?" frances asked him

in response, joseph handed her a page out of a newspaper

the headline read

bradley lawson takes down another website

below that, was a picture of brad and the story of how he hacked the site.

frances face went pale.

" now you understand why we didn't want you to talk to him" joseph said. " that kid clearly isn't very employable."

frances looked from joseph to the artickle, then to carol.

" joseph's right, i'm sorry frances. we don't want you speaking to brad."

"carol you were supportive last night, you even said it was good for me too.." she trailed off

" you don't want to be friends with a computer hacker. tomorrow, we're going to find you a job,."

" yes. " frances nodded as she started back up the stairs.

when she reached her room, she sat on the bed and cried.

she cried herself to sleep, in fact

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