Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 4: another journal entry
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 09:55 AM)

upstairs in her room, frances checked skype for brad.

he was offline

she checked the mud, too.

he was offline

she frowned at the computer screen, turned the computer off, stood up and went to get her journal from her bedside table

she started writing " today, I talked to brad again. I found out he was from austin texas, not far from me. I even aded him to skype. my father's not sure I should be talking to him, rather I should be out looking for work. but my mother thinks it might be positive, and I think she's happy I am making friends. I love him".

she smiled at what she'd just written, then placed her journal back on the bedside table, switched off her light, and went to sleep.

next morning, she was awakened by the sound of a barking dog.

" darn dogs," frances thought as she tried to get back to sleep.

she looked at her watch, and saw that it was only 3 A.M.

" I wonder," frances smiled to herself, " if brad is online?"

quietly, so as not to wake her parents, frances climbed out of her bed, and switched on her computer

the screen lit up the room. since it was still dark outside, the screen provided the only light

she signed in to skype, and sure enough, brad was online.

frances heart skipped a beat as she clicked on his name, and waited for him to answer the call.

" frances?" came a tired voice.

" brad!", frances smiled. " how are you?".

" A little surprised to hear from you at 3 in the morning," brad said. " you?".

" I can't sleep, their's a barking dog outside my window and it's keeping me awake."

brad laughed. " you too?. their's a dog outside my window too and he too is barking!."

frances laughed to herself.

" so," asked brad, " what do you have planned for the day?."

" speaking to you, of course", said frances. " I spoke to my parents yesterday though, my dad's not sure I should be talking to you. he wants me to find work, but you know, stuff what he thinks" frances laughed again

"and what about your mom?" brad questioned.

" she thinks it's a good thing i'm making friends in my own area. she likes the idea.".

" my parents like the sound of you" said brad. " I made you out to be a really inteligent hard working girl!, so if you ever meet with them, promise me you'll tell them you have an important job like a lawyer or something".

they both laughed

" you lied to your parents", said frances. " goodness knows what they'd think of me if they knew the truth", she giggled.

" frances," brad said seriously. " I can't spend today talking to you i'm afraid, I actually have stuff to do for my company".

her face fell

"I wish I worked for a big company like you"

" you do, remember?. you're a lawyer". brad laughed. "I have to go frances, but we can talk later this evening".

" okay," frances ended the call and smiled.

that call had only made her love him even more

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