Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 13: rose's response
(by emily, added on 28 December 2017 02:01 PM)

"was she alone?" asked rose, excitement in her voice

" well, no." said brad. " her family were driving her back from the interview".

rose sighed.

" with her parents their all the time, it's going to be hard to get to her" she said.

" ah not if we go at night," said brad. " not if we sneak out, go to her address, and break her bedroom window."

" her parents will know something's wrong when they hear a great big smash" said rose. " no, we need to think of something else."

both were silent as they tried to think of an alternative plan

" I know," said brad. " we need to get my parent's and her parents alone somewhere. I could.... well, set something up."

" like a date?" asked rose. " I'm pretty sure that won't work, in fact I know it won't, your parents are married."

" no not like a date" said brad, " more like a trip out. send them off somewhere, something they both enjoy. what about computers?"

rose thought.

" maybe," she said. " but I still think they will get suspicious if we don't invite frances."

" then we will," said brad. " I'll look online tonight for some sort of computer exibition, ring frances and tell her that she is invited to come along, with her parents to..."

brad stopped

" rose," he said. " the star wars exibition on saturday. it's near here, I'm going to see if I can get tickets."

" okay," said rose. " so we invite frances and her parents to this exibition, then what?"

" don't be daft" said brad, " we'll just tell our parents we are going to look at the exibition. ask for some money to buy things, try not to sound too suspicious."

"and then, " he aded. " we get our chance."

" you're going to kill frances in the middle of a crowded exibition. that's very risky brad.". rose was starting to doubt him.

" we'll find somewhere private. the toilets. behind a tree, I don't know. just somewhere." brad sounded anoyed. " rose are you in or not. you're starting to sound like you might be backing out."

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