Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 10: brad and frances (dialogue)
(by emily, added on 22 April 2017 12:21 PM)

"hi frances", exclaimed brad, as the phone was answered.

"heey brad," said frances. " where have you been today?. i didn't see you on the game or anything.".

"busy with work," replied brad. "it's been really busy lately. oh yes, I don't have much time for the game at all."

"actually," said rances, "I was on the game today, and I met this pilot called rose. very interesting girl."

" oh, tell me about her," said brad. " is she new?."

"you tell me," said frances. " she seemed to know you, very well in fact."

brad paused. he has no idea what he was going to say next

"oh," he finally said. " that rose. she works for my company, but it was her day off today, she must have decided to play the game."

"don't give me that," said frances. "I know what's going on."

" what do you think is going on?" asked brad

"I think," said frances, " you're cheating on me with rose. rose showed me an engagement ring, and said you were together, both in and out of the game."

brad gulped.

" well, um, we were..." he said slowly, " I broke up with her though. she didn't like it, and is trying to get back with me. but I only have eyes for you, frances, I promise."

"then explain the gun?" frances asked.

" gun?, what gun" said brad.

"rose threatened me with a gun if I cone bear you," frances said. "she loves you, and you love her."

"nonsense," said brad. " i'll have a word with rose. anyway, changing the subject, I hear you got an interview."

"yeah," said frances. " an interview for a video games company, I don't want to do that job, but my dad insists!."

" you'll like it," said brad. " you love computers, so I don't see why you wouldn't."

"good luck with the interview," he aded. "you'll have to let me know how it goes.".

"I think it will all go fine," said frances. " I just wish I had a better job."

"i'm going to grab some food," brad said. "speak to you in a while?."

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