Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 8: rose
(by emily, added on 27 February 2017 12:15 PM)

when frances got on the game that evening, she was shocked to discover that someone had left her a letter.

it read

dear frances,

please can we meet up.

I need to talk about brad



frances quickly typed a message to chat to see if rose was online

she was, and they agreed to meet at rose's apartment.

on arrival at the apartment, rose offered her tea and cake, then sat down on the sofa.

"so," she asked, " what is going on between you and brad?"

"how do you know brad." frances asked.

"because, he is my partner in and out of game. we have been for years."

frances gulped. she knew in her heart that she was brad's wife in game, and brad had eyes for no one else, or at least that's what she hoped.

" he isn't, he's mine" frances said. "he's been mine ever since I married him 4 months ago.".
"well, he's with me" said rose, and showed frances the engagement ring to prove it.

"I don't care what happens away from the game," said frances, "if you're together out of game, that's fine. but as far as the game goes, me and him, we're a thing."

frances showed rose her engagement ring, too

"I don't want you near him" said rose. "he's mine."

with that, she produced a gun and flashed it at frances

"or i'll have to use this," she said.

frances took her leave of the apartment and returned to her ship.

was brad really with someone else?. was he really cheating on her with another pilot?. she just had to find out
flying to the nearest post office, she wrote a letter to brad asking to meet with him to discuss their future together.

she checked the list of online players. brad wasn't 1 of them.

"frances?" yelled her dad. " frances?. that video game company called."

sighing, she signed off the game and rushed downstairs.

" yes dad?. what did they say.".

" your interview for your new job is next tuesday, I hope you will be dressed smartly for it."

glancing down at her night clothes, he aded " and not like that."

"yes dad," frances said as she stomped back upstairs

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