Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 5: text me
(by emily, added on 20 January 2017 06:59 PM)

frances spent the day playing on the space game, but it wasn't fun without brad- in fact it was pretty boring.

she flew her ship, did some activities, and even socialised with another group of pilots, but she really missed brad and couldn't wait to talk to him that evening

slowly but surely, the hours ticked away, and soon the time came for brad to sign in to skype.

"hi frances," said brad. " did you have a good day?."

"oh not really," frances frowned. " I spent the day playing my space game, I ttried to enjoy it, but I really missed you."

brad smiled. "I missed you too, but I got everything I needed done at the company, i'm now all yours. hey frances?."

" yes?." frances asked

" do you have a cell phone?. it might help to text sometimes when we're not near our computers, or we just want a break from using our voices" he laughed.

she gave him her cell number, and he gave her hers

" another way to contact you", frances grinned

suddenly, her bedroom door opened and in walked joseph.

quickly, frances hung up the call.

" hey frances," joseph said standing next to her. " what were you doing?."

"oh, speaking to brad, what else?"

" well, you should come downstairs and spend some time with the family. brad will be their when you get back, I worry about you frances, you're not so sociable anymore."

" will be down in a minit," she said

she picked up her cell phone, and texted brad, " family need me, be back soon. love you."

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