Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 3: but I want to talk to him!
(by emily, added on 18 January 2017 01:54 PM)

over dinner that night, frances and her family talked about the usual things. the state of the world, how their days had been, even plans for tomorrow.

" so," asked joseph, france's father, " what did you do today?"

"oh I spoke to brad" francis beamed at him. " brad is lovely, I think I may even be in love!"

her mother, carol, looked up from her food.

" in love?. you've known him for what, maybe 2 weeks. how can you be in love.".

"I just am" said francis. " he seems such a nice, genuin, down to earth guy!".

"maybe," said joseph, " but you have to remember he's a lot older than you, and he actually has a job. what do you do?. sit in front of your computer all day playing space RPG's."

"but I want a job too," francis interupted. " he might be able to help me find 1".

joseph sighed. "I really don't want you talking to him, he's just a bit old for you is all. anyway, you should be out their looking for work, or at least hanging out with friends. when was the last time you attended a social event... last january?"

"but I want to talk to him," said francis. " and he wants to talk to me. "

"I don't really see any harm in it" carol said. " after all, he might be able to teach her some interview skills, work behaviours, that sort of thing".

" yeah, I suppose". joseph was thinking. turning to frances he asked her, " where is he from?"

"austin," she said. "actually not far from us."

"see?" carol smiled. " she's even making friends with people in her own state".

"perhaps when I get to know him a bit better, I can invite him over" frances said hopefully

" give him a chance, girl" said joseph. " you just met him"

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