Will Love Stay?

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Chapter 2: closer than imagined
(by emily, added on 18 January 2017 11:43 AM)

1 evening, when the game was down for repairs, frances emailed brad asking if he'd like to talk for a while.

"sure", brad had replied. "with the game down, I have nothing better to do, so"
frances smiled

she wrote back... so, where are you from?

brad replied almost at once, " i'm from austin, texas. what about you?"

frances quickly typed back to him that she was also from austin

"amazing," brad had written. " fancy being in the same state"

"I know!" frances smiled to herself as she wrote back.

" do you use skype?" was brad's next question

"I do!" frances told him. " my skype username is frances1989"

soon they had aded each other to skype, and were talking

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